Dear Eonni: A ONCE from India confesses how TWICE leader Jihyo is her safe place with the most powerful voice

Updated on Dec 15, 2020 05:05 AM IST  |  2.2M
Dear Eonni: A ONCE from India confesses how TWICE leader Jihyo is her safe place with the most powerful voice

TWICE truly has a very loyal fanbase who are by their idols' side through thick and thin. Named cutely as ONCE, the bond shared between the girl group; comprising of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, and ONCE is truly endearing to witness. Dear Eonni gives a platform for ONCE to share their deep admiration for TWICE.

Today's sweet letter has been penned by Chaitanya R from India and dedicated to TWICE leader Park Ji-hyo. In her letter, Chaitanya gushed about how the 23-year-old singer's smile alone is enough to brighten up her day. Read her letter below:

Dear Jihyo unnie,

I am a 15-year-old female fan of you from South India. Though you might not know me or my place I know almost everything about you as an idol. Unnie you are my inspiration and my motivation. Whenever I am tired or I feel like I want a break I run towards your videos on YouTube. Unnie you are my safe place. I know how hard it was for you to make your dreams come true. Striving hard for 10 + years in hopes of being able to debut, being trained as a lead vocal but suddenly becoming the main vocal and being announced as a maknae but ending up being a leader of the most in-demand and the most popular girl group might have been very stressful for you. I love the way how you never gave up or lost hope and you stayed strong till the very end. You are a great person both in and out. Your wise words in many of the interviews have helped me in certain situations. Your smile alone is enough to brighten up my day. You have the best gummy smile and the most sweetest and powerful voice anyone can have. I love the way how you try off different genres of music and slay it. You have a great harmonizing power which enables you to be a professional on duet performances and unnie the way you turn and twist your voice to be able to match the provided melody and suit the style of music is just mind-blowing. The difference of your voice in K/DA I’ll Show You, Your cover of Suzy unnie’s song ‘Dream’, your melody project ‘A Late Night’  and your voice in TWICE’s songs had really made me shook. I mean how can such a well-rounded singer like you even exist? You have got everything, from the looks of a goddess, the voice of an angel, those powerful dance moves, amazing stage presence and also the most kindest personality like a saint. You are indeed GOD JIHYO!! Unnie I love everything about you, I like the way you are always there to comfort ONCEs even though it was our fault in the first place. Though people have nit-picked on you and have caused injuries to you, you never wished bad for them instead you treat all of them equally. Honestly, at some point, you made it hard for me to believe that you were not a Goddess. The way you came to console ONCEs after you learnt that we were sad learning TWICE were not able to win a lot in MAMA 2020 moved me to tears. It was our fault that many ONCEs gave up on the votings at the end but still, you came and ensured that our love was the greatest gift to you. No one has ever done that to any of their fans, you are really very great! I on behalf of all the ONCEs promise that we will work harder in the upcoming votings.

Some day I want to come to Korea and meet you and try to tell you all these things in person. It will be your birthday soon unnie ( that is in February)! Happy birthday In Advance!!! You are the most amazing person unnie! The one who taught me to try hard till the end. I love the way you not only take care of your members as a leader but also as a great friend. You even take care of ONCEs and your family despite being not able to meet them in person more often. I am sure you have lots of friends as well. I hope you know that your fans and ONCEs will always be by your side no matter what happens. Please rest and take care of yourself, please don’t push yourself hard and prioritize your health. As you said fans and idols are not friends neither are they a couple nor a family, they are complete strangers. Strangers who support each other unconditionally despite not being able to meet each other or get to know each other. Hence unnie this stranger will also be with you always at all times through mind and soul. Though all I can do is listen to your melody projects, song covers or collaborations and spread positivity around me about you and praise your skills, looks etc. I will still help you out whenever you want me to


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