Dear Eonni: A ONCE from India reveals how she found inspiration & dedication in TWICE’s Mina

Published on May 31, 2021 09:35 AM IST  |  325.4K
TWICE's Mina at the High1 Seoul Music Awards in 2019. (Pic Credits: News1)

One of the three Japanese members of TWICE, Mina is the main dancer of the group. Even though she’s a member with the least time spent as a trainee, compared to others, her skills in ballet made her become the main dancer. She had studied ballet for 11 years! Mina is also known for her effortlessly charming humour! Whether it is their own variety show TIME TO TWICE or any other show, her timing for jokes and savage comments are incredible! While on stage or off stage, she’s a professional who knows when to entertain and when to show some incredible moves!

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Mousumi Mondal from India to TWICE’s Mina. Read her letter below.


Dear Mina unnie,


Even though I am a new ONCE. I loved you since the beginning. You went through anxiety but gave your best, not for becoming famous, but for making ONCEs happy. Even though words cannot express how much I love TWICE but it still can express some of how much I love TWICE. I was a BLINK but when I got into you I found that you are my inspiration and dedication to some of those teen ONCEs. I don't know whether it will be read by some TWICE members or by Mina unnie only. But still I want to thank them for bringing happiness in all of ONCEs hearts.




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