Dear Eonni: From savage to cute; An India BLINK finds all sides of BLACKPINK member Jennie her favourite

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Neeti Gupta from India dedicates her heartwarming letter to BLACKPINK member Jennie. Read her letter below.
Dear Eonni: From savage to cute; An India BLINK finds all sides of BLACKPINK member Jennie her favourite
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BLACKPINK member Jennie enjoys a ton of popularity like the rest of the members but also has her fair share of haters. However, BLINKS will not take such unwanted hate too kindly and always shower love upon the gifted musician, who deserves nothing but warm affection. Moreover, the fandom never fails to highlight how multitalented the 25-year-old rapper is and continues to be. Interestingly, Jennie is also the first BLACKPINK member to make her solo debut with the smash hit single, Solo.

Today's sweet letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Neeti Gupta from India to Jennie. Read her letter below:

Dear Jennie Eonni,

I am Neeti Gupta, a 16 year old girl from India who is big fan of yours. Among millions of fans, I am also one of those people who adores you with all my heart. My first song of BLACKPINK was Kill This Love, all four of you, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé eonnis just made my day, and it didn't took a second for me to become a blink. I love all four of you and you all are unique for me. After finishing the mv I knew what I had to type on the search bar, 'Jennie Kim'. From your amazing vocals, to your energetic raps your eyes that were so mesmerizing and you yourself, everything was perfect. May it be the savage you or the cute you, all of your sides are my favorite. Your 'solo' is one of the best songs that gives me energy during times when I feel down. I got to know about that hate that some people throw on you, which upsetted me a lot, but whenever I saw you smiling and performing happily in the videos, I also got inspiration to keep going on. There are many many things that I wanted tell you, and honestly I could spend a whole day or more than that, talking about you but I just wanted to tell you that, no matter what other people say, I will always keep loving you. Always stay strong and as you are. There is no wrong in taking a break and slowing down if you feel tired, and whenever you feel like that, just think about your fans like me who will keep loving you. Your smile is like a lifesaver for me. You are my angel and I will be very happy to meet my angel one day. Till then, please stay healthy and always smile.

Love you all!
Stay happy and healthy.


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I love you mahal na mahal kita i'm promise you love you

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i love blackpink i from malay sia