Dear Eonni: An UAENA from India feels IU aka Lee Ji Eun is the embodiment of 'simplicity is beauty'

In today's edition of Dear Eonni, Simran from India dedicates her sweet letter to Celebrity singer IU in which she praises Lee Ji-eun's amazing songwriting skills.
Dear Eonni: An UAENA from India feels IU aka Lee Ji Eun is the embodiment of 'simplicity is beauty'
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It's hard to believe that IU aka Lee Ji-eun will be celebrating her 13th debut anniversary in September 2021 with millions and millions of UAENA supporting her fulfilling career as both a talented musician and actress. From dazzling us with recent hit singles like Celebrity and Eight to leaving us bowled over with her impeccable performances in popular dramas like Hotel del Luna and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, IU is definitely worthy of the love and affection she receives from her loyal fans.

Today's heartwarming letter has been penned by Simran from India to IU. In her letter, Simran confesses how the My Mister star inspires her to be the best version of herself. Read her letter below:

Dear Jieun (IU) unnie

I am Simran residing in India. Unnie you have a really beautiful angelic honey like voice that for some reason just calm me....your lyrics-writing skill always amaze me whenever you release your song/music. You are a embodiment of :"SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY" whenever you come out on my phone screen...I think I almost saw heaven. Just one day without seeing you makes my heart feel lonely.

You and your music will always be there to rescue me and millions others.

Thank you so much. You don't know how much deep rooted you are in my life.

Thank you for being born, existing as IU and Jieunnie. YOU INSPIRE ME TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME
I think I will definitely cry if given a chance to see you in person. For many years stanning you, I feel really bad when I had no chance to attend your concert but looking forward for the future.

If IU has millions of fans, I'm one of them.
If IU has 10 fans, I'm one of them.
If IU has 1 fan then that's me.
If IU has no fans, that means I'm not on earth anymore.
If the world is against IU, then I am against the world.


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Anonymous 2 months ago

IU is one of a kind❤❤❤