Dear Jimin: A fan from India thanks the BTS member for loving ARMYs unconditionally

An ARMY from India pens a sweet letter to BTS’ Jimin.

Updated on May 09, 2022 12:18 PM IST  |  447K
BTS' Jimin
BTS' Jimin's concept photo : courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC
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In 2013, Jimin debuted as a part of BTS and has since gone on to receive immense love for his vocals and dance. To date, he has released three solo songs under BTS, ‘Lie’, ‘Serendipity’, and ‘Filter’. In May 2019, Jimin became the first BTS member to have a solo music video achieve 100 million views on YouTube with ‘Serendipity’.

Today’s sweet letter has been penned by Prachee from India, to BTS’ Jimin. Read her letter below.

Dear Jimin 

How are you doing? I am really happy that I have this opportunity to let my words out through this letter. Thank you Pinkvilla for this. I am a bit nervous and excited as well while writing. I don't know if you will read this. Aish you have a very busy schedule how can you? But I pray this letter will reach you and you will read this. This is not just a letter but a fangirl's feeling, love, thanks, and gratitude towards you. I just adore you so much and who will not? This is truly said, "Once you Jim-in you can't Jim-out". You are such a kind, humble, loving, caring and hard-working person. You are my idol, teacher, my friend and my bias (crush). I had never imagined that you would become this important to me one day. Everything about you is just so beautiful whether it's your eye smile, your laughter, sometimes you being all shy and sometimes a flirt Park Jimin, your stage presence, your behaviour and all of your actions. Your caring nature, the way you care for your fellow band members and others, and the way you care for us (ARMYs) made me love you even more. You are far away from me by distance but soo close to my heart. Seeing you happy makes me happy. But seeing you sometimes insecure about yourself makes all ARMYs sad. You are really amazing as you are. It's a humble request of mine on the behalf of all the ARMYs, you are just perfect and we love you so soo much as you are and you should know that. You have an angelic smile. By the way, your new hairstyle is just as cute as you. You really had taught me so many things. Because of you, I found a better me. You are such a pure soul Jimin-ssi. Angels don't need wings attached to their bodies and you proved it. You are truly an angel Chim. You are the person I cheer for the most. Waiting for the day I will say these things to you in person. There is a promise I made to myself when I became an ARMY that is to love myself always, to work hard so that one day I'll be sitting on one of the front row seats and cheering for BTS with an ARMY Bomb [lightstick] in my hand as a part of the most beautiful places (BTS’ concert), part of that purple ocean which every ARMY dreams of. I will love you, support you and will cheer you till the last no matter what. Thank you for loving us unconditionally, for giving us strength, for comforting us with your lovely words, and for your cute motivational messages. It's such a blessing to have an angel like you in my life. I'm so grateful for your existence and really lucky that I found you. Writing this with the hope you will read this. Wanting to have a conversation with you so badly Chim. Wishing you good health and prosperity. Excited for BTS’ new album. Hope to meet you soon. Take care, be happy and keep smiling as always. Your cute laughter is actually a serotonin boost to me. Lots of love (purple love). 

Thanking you 



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I also wanna write a letter to BTS.How can I do this ???