Dear Jungkook: An ARMY writes about finding the BTS member through a ‘MIC Drop’ fancam

A fan from India writes a letter to BTS’ Jungkook.

Published on Jul 25, 2022 07:53 PM IST  |  139.4K
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South Korean group BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook debuted with the group in 2013, as the main vocalist. Under BTS, Jungkook has released three solo songs, ‘Begin’, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘My Time’. Recently, Jungkook also collaborated with singer-songwriter Charlie Puth for the song ‘Left and Right’.

Today’s sweet letter has been penned by Zoya Khan from India to BTS’ Jungkook. Read the letter, below.

Dear Jungkookshi,

I don't know how to start and what should I write about you. I think words aren't enough to describe you. My name is Zoya Khan and I'm an Indian ARMY, basically, I live in Mumbai. I still remember the day when I first saw you, of course not in person, *sigh* but on TikTok. I was randomly using TikTok when suddenly the video of you came. It was a video of ‘mic drop’. In the fancam, of you and V, ohh Lord the way you guyzz danced and the expressions, I just felt like my soul left my body. I wasn't aware of K-pop culture or anything which is related to Korea, I was so curious to know who are these boys, especially you, then searched in the comment section and got to know you are a member of a boy band called BTS. The video I've seen was made up of the ‘hands in the fire’ song. I was searching like an id**t, ‘BTS hands in the fire’ hahahah silly me!!! After that, I got to know it was ‘mic drop’ so that's the little journey [of] how I became [an] ARMY, funny, isn't it...

You know Kookie my life pretty much sucks anyways nowadays everyone is facing a problem well that's called life but because of you guys, I started to live my life again happily. One ARMY said BTS gives a new life to the people and that's guys are not just a boy band you are a bunch of happiness!!!

Jungkook, I love everything about you the way you dance, sing, laugh, sleep, everything. I'm just crazy for you not in the wrong way!!! I know you don't like scary fans!!! Whenever I feel sad or feel like crying or missing someone (especially my grandparents), I look at your pictures and watch your videos, the way you treat your Hyungs makes me soft. I just fell for you.

I'm a new ARMY, I started following you guys on Feb 18, 2020, and the ‘mic drop stage mix’ [video] was your first ever performance that I've watched. When you smile, I smile when you cry, I feel like my world has stopped. Please don't ever cry Kookie. It hurts to see you cry. I really love your purple long hair, well you look more cute and much more younger in your short little hair and your eyebrow piercing, oh god it's just amazing. It's just [been] half [a] year and we've seen a lot of different colours of your hair. You look ethereal as always. I've watched your videos from your debut to till now, I find no change in you. You are still the same. You are, always [will] be our nation's baby boy and cute little golden maknae of Bangtan Sonyeondan!!!

I'm crying while writing this letter, I know I'm a very small drop in your purple ocean but I really want to meet you in person and our other 6 angels at least before my death. I've never loved anyone the way I love you and the whole Bangtan. Kookie I always wish you all the love and best wishes that you deserve the most you guys are my everything. On my phone, I have a wallpaper of you and Taehyung. My alarm tune, my caller tune everything is which is related to me [is related to] you guys, even my friends are jealous that I love you more than them hihihi.

Kookie, thanks for making me smile and making my day more beautiful than ever. You guys are my biggest support and my inspiration. You are the reason for my living and of course my parents and friends as well. I love you Jungkook and the whole Bangtan we ARMYs are very lucky to have you and the whole BTS, we can't imagine our life without you. Always stay happy and stay safe and remember that we ARMYs are always here to support you no matter WHAT. Saranghae!!!

Lots of love From India,


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Jul 26, 2022 08:26 AM
I dont usually respond to ARMY letters but this one caught my eye! And NO, I dont regret reading this one! Thankyou Zoya for your amazing letter. It's hard to actually find ARMY'S that stay true to BTS. Regards, a fellow ARMY <3