Dear Kim Woo Bin: A fan from India calls the ‘Our Blues’ star their 'most special and most magical person’

A fan from India writes a letter to South Korean actor Kim Woo Bin.

Updated on May 06, 2022 02:01 PM IST  |  231.4K
Kim Woo Bin
Kim Woo Bin : courtesy of News1
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Born Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Woo Bin is a South Korean actor and model. The star began his career as a runway model, and went on to make his acting debut in 2011 through the drama ‘White Christmas’. Kim Woo Bin went on hiatus in May 2017 after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and completed his treatment plan in December of the same year. Kim Woo Bin made his return to the screen this year, and is currently starring in the drama ‘Our Blues’.

Today’s sweet letter has been penned by Aarushi Chauhan from India to Kim Woo Bin. Read her letter, below.

Hello, I am Aarushi Chauhan from India. My letter is to my most special and most magical person whose name is Kim Woo Bin. First of all, I want to ask you, are you okay? Your health, I know that the shooting of the show is over, but during the shooting, you had a lot of trouble with the top pearl things, due to which you had consumed a lot of medicines, sure you are absolutely fine? How is everything in your family? Hope everything goes well, I pray this to Jesus. Amen.

I am so glad that you are coming back on-screen. It has taken you a long time to come but you are coming very beautifully, you are not less than a wish every time I see you. You know why I call you magical? Because your feeling is very magical, your eyes, your words, your hair, your shy smile, you yourself. If I see, it seems that if God has given pain, then in the name of medicine has sent you.

I want to tell you a lot every time, but every time I get confused in words, all the words seem very few for you, you are the one who breaks the limit of my every word and starts a new history. There is a song. Whenever I listen to that song, I think of you, although every song, every peak thing reminds me of you, but this song is very old and its feeling is also different.

{It's all so beautiful

It's all so beautiful ... what?

This earth, this river, this night ... and ... and you

It's all so beautiful

This earth, this river, this night ... and ... and you.

We're so close to each other but the moon and the stars are far from us

To tell you the truth they all look fake to me.

But what seems real to me are

This earth, this river, this night ... and ... and you

How will you leave tomorrow morning leaving all this behind

Along with me even these will remember you a lot

It's all so beautiful

This earth, this river, this night... and ... and you

It's all so beautiful}...

This song is so cute like you, so it reminds me of you. Let me tell you one thing, whenever I see the moon, I talk to it, it seems that you are but you are a very beautiful and divine golden star, which shines differently in the sky, gives courage and love and respect to the rest of the stars. My heart is very extroverted and my tongue is very introverted, but when I have to talk about you, no one is more extroverted than me, I get a lot of happiness by talking about you; you give me a different level of comfort. And you laugh when I cry, seeing your picture gives happiness and courage, an unseen power which I can not explain at all, but maybe when you read this letter, you will understand.

I always just want you to never give up, people say anything, no matter how difficult it may be, but you do not forget to shine, I know and understand that you have suffered a lot, but do not forget that you are the part of your world. Be a great king and for me too. Whose victory has come only because of himself. If you did not fight for yourself, no one would have won for you, but your courage and passion have given you a new position and all the credit goes to you. The person who is determined that he has to fight for himself and win, even the whole world can not spoil anything. I don't know how to win or lose, I just believe in you.

The respect and love that I have in my heart will never diminish for you, no matter what happens. I don't care if anyone comes and stands with you; you were the same for me yesterday as you are today, and you will be there tomorrow. No matter what you look at anyone and whatever people say to me you are not what people say to me you are what my heart and soul look at you. I like you the way you are, I can't imagine you with anyone. I like the introvert you are sometimes when you blush when you roll your eyes and hide. Your little smile those untold eyes say everything when I see your eyes. That pain, trouble, anger, heartburn, and restlessness all end. My love is only going to increase for you and will remain the same, my dearest Woo Bina.

Best of luck with every opportunity that comes ahead. You are doing very well. You are a wonderful person who has a very beautiful and big heart and cares a lot for everyone. You never need to be nervous. You are the best. Take care of yourself always. I will always write a letter to you like this and I will come soon where I will be able to see you from the front.

I miss you a lot and will always do, whenever I have to cry, when I am happy, when I am angry, then when I feel alone, and even when I do not understand anything, I will not see anything. A poem for you from my side -

{Staying in your love is enough for me,

it is not necessary to be with you,

I will lose the whole world in your arms,

because there is no one in this world of mine more dear than you}..

{Whenever your eyes smile to be honest,

I don't understand clocks at that moment,

The night waits for you,

Every single breath of mine just stops there}...

Every single word of mine for you I love you so much…

Beyond everything.

From India

Aarushi Chauhan.

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