Dear Oppa: 2 Treasure Maker sisters from India share how TREASURE's music became a means of catharsis for them

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Dear Oppa: 2 Treasure Maker sisters from India share how TREASURE's music became a means of catharsis for them

TREASURE may have debuted fairly recently but their impressive musical talent is gaining the right attention amongst Treasure Makers and big credit goes to the members themselves, each with their own quirky personalities. Moreover, Treasure Makers found a sense of reprieve in 2020 amid the global pandemic thanks to The First Step series which garnered the rookie boy group a lot of love and accolades.

Today's sweet letter in the Dear Oppa series has been penned by two sisters Tannishtha and Rayana from India to TREASURE. In their letter, the sisters share their aspiration to one day meet TREASURE as they have accorded them the restoration needed from their hectic lives and acted as a stressbuster. Read their letter below:

This is Tannishtha and Rayana, two sisters, hailing from India who are insanely in love with your music.

Your music and you all became a means of catharsis for us. It would make us quite guilty if we would not confess how, each of the members got us through the latter part of the quarantine, helping us through all the stress and negativity. Each one of you accorded us the restoration we needed from our hectic lives and acted as a stressbuster. We cherish Hyunsuk every time he takes on a mother figure for all the other members, Jihoon for all the savage remarks he makes, Yoshi for his contradicting personalities on and off stage, Junkyu for his "antisocial" behaviour, Mashiho for his incredible dancing skills, Jaehyuk for radiating soft boy energy, Asahi for his robot dance, Yedam for his honey-filled vocals, Doyoung for his clumsiness, Haruto for his remarkable deep voice, Jeongwoo for his "meme" moments throughout T-MAP and Junghwan for being the Super King Cow Baby. Hopefully, we can fulfil our wish of seeing you atleast once in real life.

Also, this may come across as sappy but every time you say, "Find your Treasure", the first thing that comes to our minds is that we have already found ours.

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