Dear Oppa: An ARMY member describes how BTS made her more optimistic about life

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Dear Oppa: BTS
Dear Oppa: An ARMY member describes how BTS made her more optimistic about life

Over the past few weeks, some endearing letters have made their way to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to pop band NCT, EXO and TXT, our inbox has been full of love. Now we’ve also received a letter for the multi-talented South Korean band BTS. A fan from India named TejaSree Mannala has reached out to the singer via our Dear Oppa segment.


Read her letter below:

Hello...!!! I was just an ordinary girl who discovered herself as extraordinary, Thanks to BTS.. They've been like the brightest blooming flower of the garden of my life, Rain to my plants and the rays of hope in my life. If it wasn't BTS, maybe today I'd remain just that ordinary girl who just worries about her flaws.BTS taught me to look at the bright side of life..


As for now it's been more than a year since I've discovered BTS, there wasn't a moment when I felt discouraged in any aspects of my life again thanks to BTS. Each and every member taught me something that helped me in my life. If it wasn't RM, I wouldn't have spoke up for myself. If it wasn't Jin, I wouldn't have been confident even with all my flaws. If it wasn't Suga, I wouldn't have any motivation left to get going through all my tough times and face all my fears to achieve my dreams. If it wasn't Hobi, I wouldn't any hope in my life and all my tough times would drown me inside those bad days. If it wasn't Jimin, I wouldn't care for the people whom I think are mine. If it wasn't Taehyung, I wouldn't have shown my true self in the society, I'd be full of fears and worries. If it wasn't JungKook I wouldn't have tried everything despite the fear of failing...!!! 


BTS taught me to think with an Open Mind... They taught me maturity is about the age but the way you think... BTS taught me to accept myself as whom I am... And To Be Honest, I've been trying to learn playing Guitar by myself without a teacher, at times, I've felt discouraged and demotivated to practice... That's when I put up a BTS poster infront of me for motivation Lol!!! Their story has inspired me to raise up a small voice inside me calling out to call my name. I've got to know myself better... A simple BTS song like 2!3! Is just enough for me to feel better when I'm not at a very good mood. 


At the time when I wasn't able to feel any emotions, they gave me my emotions back, they made me smile, they made me cry... Sometimes pushing through your day becomes harder than anything else in this world. With BTS it becomes easier... I'd take the opportunity to thank my lil Montu (RM) Joji (Jin) Yani (Suga) Hobi (J-Hope) jimu (Jimin) Toho (V) and Kookie (JungKook) Lol the names sound kinda different but it seems cute  hahahah...  For motivating me to give myself the best of me... 


You taught me how to accept all the mistakes and faults and be myself, You made me more comfortable in myself. You never miss a chance to make me smile.. It's been like a beautiful Train Journey... Let's travel together with each other and make more memories on our way home... I promise I will travel till the end of the journey with BTS.. I'll be together with them till my last breath, Let's continue to make more memories in future Lol let me end with a good note!!, Stay Sound and Safe... Take care of yourself and please don't over work yourself, ARMY loves you till the end of their lives so Smile, your smile would also make ARMY smile... That's the super power you hold hahahah 


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