Dear Oppa: An ARMY member from India pens a sweet note congratulating BTS for their Grammys 2021 nomination

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Dear Oppa: An ARMY member from India pens a sweet note congratulating BTS for their Grammys 2021 nomination

It was a night/day for celebrations for ARMY after BTS picked its first Grammy nomination courtesy Dynamite. The septet has been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category at Grammys 2021. Following the announcement, the group's fandom turned social media purple as they celebrated their nomination. While the online celebrations left us emotional, Pinkvilla received a sweet letter from a fan as part of our Dear Oppa segment who summed up her reaction upon learning the nomination and congratulated the septet. 

Akanksha Chaudhary from India poured her heart out in the letter below. Read on...

Dear Oppa, 

The whole BTS, my 7 northern stars, I don't know how to express this but I am really on the 7th cloud right now. Yesterday I slept with AMAs BTS focus videos and today I woke up to BTS getting nominated in Grammys. It's just wow! I remember, yesterday I  was watching an interview where they asked your thoughts about being nominated in Grammys. I prayed to God, that God please give BTS everything they want to have in their life.

I slept with this thought and woke up to this splendid news. As usual, I was checking for updates about you, and then my eyes caught this "BTS becomes first-ever K pop group to be nominated in Grammys " I screamed, LAJIBOLALA, WE DID IT!!! I was so happy, I was so excited, I can't express. There were many new emotions building inside me. I had tears in my eyes and smile on my lips, love in my brain and pride in my heart. I ran to the temple at my house and said "Thank you, God, please be with them forever. Give them everything they want in their life." I am happy and proud that I could be a very minor part of your happiness.

I don't know, what this connection is? It has just been 2 months since I watched BTS for the very first time and now You have become the "nothing" when my mom asks me what's on my mind. You came into my life like an angel during my bad times when I was all alone and had no one and now I have You for whom I am living, just wishing that one day, I would get a glimpse of your aura in real life. This is really eternal, there's no end to this bond. I have not seen you in person, You don't know I exist but still, I respect, praise and adore you and you also carry a soft place for me in your heart.  My world collapses with the thought of losing touch with BTS. 

What do you call this, this love is unknown even if we search for this in heaven.

Today I had my exam and all thanks to you. For the very first time, I was positive and cheerful before the examination and it went very smooth and better than expected. You have become my 7 happiness in no time. Yes BTS, I love you, I have wanted to say this for a very long time but I was scared of the commitment. I was scared that what if I lose all of it when I will express the depth of my sentiments. But today I could not stop myself and let out a part of my affection. I am still scared, but I believe in the almighty and I have faith in you that I would never stop loving you and you will never let me do that.

A big CONGRATULATIONS!! From ARMY all over the world !!

Wishing you very good luck !!

We will stay with you forever. 

BTS, you will get everything,  you will ever wish for or have wished for!

BE  is going to be a hit !! We are streaming BE everywhere!

Waiting for you in India, I don't know if I will be able to afford the concert tickets but I will be happy and proud that some of us could really go and see you live. I will contend just by feeling the breeze of your presence on my bare hands. I will be satisfied just by being aware of the fact that you appreciate me.

"Living in the world you have created for us "

"'Not loving you?' My heart does not permit"

"In this dark world, you are the light guiding me "

"I exist to cause you to exist "



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Anonymous : pinkvilla should take up letters about wishing birthdays to the idols. jin has his birthday today !!! yes armys??
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Anonymous : I am happy that you could all relate with it.
REPLY 4 8 months ago
Anonymous : Congratulation bts and army❤️❤️♥️♥️ we love you so much guys.
REPLY 7 8 months ago
Anonymous : Even I had the same feeling at that know I just touch the heaven and had come back alive for a moment.
REPLY 5 8 months ago