Dear Oppa: An Aroha from India says Cha Eun Woo gives her motivation & happiness; Dedicates a song for him

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ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo clicking a mirror photo.

Cha Eun Woo wears many hats when he comes on screen. He’s a variety show member, a dancer, a singer, a model and an actor. WIth his godly looks, he has made millions of fans across the world. It stays true especially after his portrayal of Suho in the webtoon-based drama True Beauty. He has also won multiple awards at award shows such as Annual Soompi Awards, MBC Entertainment Awards, MBC Drama and more!  


Currently, Cha Eun Woo is busy filming for the action thriller called Decibel alongside Lee Jong Suk, where he plays the character of a young and steadfast Navy soldier.


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Riya from India to ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo. Read her letter below.


Dear Oppa,


There is a saying "What you listen to and whom you listen to is what you become“. I'm glad I made a right choice.  Imagine being in dark part of your life, when someone with a bright smile told you "You're best and I know you'll overcome this”. These little words mean much more and enough for one to give all his effort to put things together. When someone asks me what is the motivation of your life. I was like "Lee Dong Min", the one who became Cha Eun Woo for us Arohas. Life becomes meaningful to look at the people you want not the way they look at you. Previously I was minding my own business. Not even know how to talk with a group of friends. Then your saying of "Be thankful " saved me. I started to appreciate  little things my loved ones do for me, which made us more connected. Your songs gave us happiness in life. So, this song is dedicated to you 

"Stan Walker : UNBROKEN "


Thank you Eun Woo oppa. 


From Riya.


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