Dear Oppa: A Bangladeshi fan expresses her desire to hold Kim Seon Ho's hand and stroll through chilly Seoul

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, a fan from Bangladesh gushed about Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho and planned a sweet date.
Dear Oppa: A Bangladeshi fan expresses her desire to hold Kim Seon Ho's hand and stroll through chilly Seoul
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It has been weeks since Start-Up ended but Kim Seon Ho continues to work his magic on his fans. K-drama lovers have been drooling over the dimple prince and eagerly waiting to watch the Korean star take on a new role. As fans look forward to hearing more about the actor's upcoming project, a fan from Bangladesh reaches out to Kim Seon Ho with an endearing open letter. Nayeema gushes about the star while dreaming of the perfect date if she gets a chance to take him out. 

Read her letter below: 

Dear Kim Seon Ho,

I am Nayeema from Bangladesh,

Although I have seen a lot of dramas, I have never been so crazy about any actor. But you are the one who's driving me crazy, and I ended up writing this letter to you.

The first day I saw the first episode of the start-up drama, and you called Young Sila in that angry voice at the very beginning" Young sila! How's the weather today!"...Your different voice made my world colourful and turned it upside down. Many people can own our hearts. But how many can take a deep place in our minds? Only you have been able to do so from the very beginning. You were the main reason for me to watch Start-Up. Your Laugh, your sorrow, your pain all seemed to be my own.

You know, I've never noticed a dimple on the cheek like that. I thought it was very normal too. But a dimple on your cheek also seems to have taken your handsomeness to another height. You are really a Dimple King. Each one of your performances, expressions seems so real that it seems like it's not a drama, it's really happening to you. For which I fall in love with you more and more.

There is no counting how many hundreds of times I have watched all of your videos, cute moments since I saw you at Start-up. Honestly, you know, my day starts by seeing you and the night ends by seeing you. I want to say these things in front of you. Will you hear me? I want to walk the streets of Seoul on a very cold night holding your hands. And I want to confess you while mixing the noodles. You know what I mean! But Do you know more than that, now I want to see you in a lead role in a drama soon.I want to see you again and again. 

Stay Happy and Handsome My love.

Take care of your health.

Your biggest fan,

Nayeema Ferdousi Zeema

From Bangladesh (Do you know this country’s name, my love?)

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