Dear Oppa: A Brazilian ARMY decided to pursue her passion again & never give up, all thanks to BTS’ SUGA

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Sabrina Ferreira da Conceição from Brazil dedicates her sweet letter to BTS’ SUGA. Read her letter below.
A fan pours her heart out in a letter for BTS SUGA in Dear Oppa BTS member SUGA at the 34th Golden Disc Awards. (Pic Credits: News1)
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BTS’ second oldest member, SUGA, is known for being truthful and honest regarding life's struggles and also about passion. He is an inspiration to ARMY across oceans with his powerful lyrics and messages that he uploads on social media. He has always been a staunch advocate of doing anything and everything that would make one happy, irrespective of what people around them might think. Thanks to his openness, many fans found their support system in him, and the strength to pursue their passion. Just like the 17-year-old Sabrina in Brazil. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sabrina Ferreira da Conceição from Brazil to BTS’ SUGA. Read her letter below.


To my Dear Yoongi,


It's strange to think that 1 decade and 12 hours of time separates me from one of the people I most identify with in the world.


I was born in 2003 and this person in 1993 I'm in Brazil and he in Korea 


When I was a child I felt very alone and honestly that person makes me feel no more, however unusual it may be me and Yoongi we have many similarities, even though each one in his reality and experience there are things in our paths that unfolded as a strange coincidence, sometimes we're destined to meet people and I think it was my destiny to torment my whole childhood for being so different and in the end meeting someone the same, but unfortunately he doesn't know about me.


 I remember I started composing under pure pressure, one day my mind started wanting to compose something, but I couldn't do it. Just don't leave anything. Nothing. 

But I didn’t give up, I wrote something and went on without rhythm or rhymes just long sentences that could tell a story, and it was terrible but it was an impulse, the first time I really had contact with the mental exercise of creating rhymes was around the 8 years of elementary school, in this case at 13, my Portuguese teacher gave us the mission to write lambs and we couldn't get it from the internet, as I didn't know what to write about, I found Taylor Swift's translation that had more rhymes and I kept changing other parts that didn't rhyme to make them rhyme, the chosen letter was "The Moment I Knew" and in the meantime when reading that letter I thought "until rhyming is not so boring, it's fun" and since then I haven't stopped, I abused the romantic imagination created by it in me and I started with dark and romantic lyrics, that's how the journey started and as I got better the faster I did them, the more creativity I had, the more I understood how it should work, the more I understood what and wanted to write and more I felt good.


My elementary school wasn't one of the best times of my life, in fact it was the worst of all so far and I hope it continues like that, at that time I had not even entered high school but everyone always told me that following my dream was foolish and hearing that made me afraid, I was afraid to keep dreaming and trying, so I just abandoned this flame of writing and the lyrics were just hobbies, what I didn't expect was that all the external pressure, the internal problems and giving up would take me to the pit, leave me burning cold and alone in my own mind, there was nothing that made me believe and know BTS and see Yoongi changed that, he was that boy who fought for what he wanted even with everyone saying the opposite, so I thought "why can't I do the same?" I had nobody and I had nothing, but making the decision to follow a path like that again was like a breath of relief, never before has a decision made me change as drastically as that, the decision to follow my heart and continue in the music did the blood that once was cold became hot and lived once more, since then I walk with BTS, read what Yoongi used to post when he was younger and was my age and I realize that somehow, 10 years have passed and those words could be sung by another girl from a totally different place but with the same burning passion for music and for not wanting to give up anymore.


Following this path has never been and will never be easy, whether the industry itself is closed and chaotic, or the fact that the lyrics dont always come out as we imagine and we spend days trying to do something without success, while sometimes we only need 10 minutes, whether it's tiring and risky, sometimes experiencing the emotion of the dream is better than following the pre-supposed path, after all it's not the ease that makes everything more attractive, but how much it captivates you and makes you breathe more free and feeling that he's on his way, the path you have chosen and that you do not want to abandon, bc no matter how much it hurts and it's difficult in the end he's brilliant and makes you see how much you love it, even though my fingers donate while I play the piano, the feeling of gratification when I can learn the music and play it completely without mistakes with confidence is priceless, it floods my soul with love and happiness, the work was hard and painful but in the end I accomplished what I wanted and i never let absolutely nothing that I start without an end, even if it's one that I wrote on paper. Every time BTS achieves something they thought impossible for them, every time they smile and hug each other as a group, when they support each other and fight for each other and love each other as a family, I feel more alive and confident to follow the my way, after all I'll always have them by my side, I'll always be able to look at Yoongi and in a way say silently "I'm still trying, like you, and I won't stop while my heart beats to the beat of the song" 


Today I'm 17 years old and I'm about to take the first step outside the known zone of this world of music, and honestly I'm terrified, but I'm still so happy that it is stupid. 


Yoongi, if anyone reads this, know that I hope I can look you in the eye at least once in your life and say "thanks for everything", not only you but all 7, you together form a wave of love that reverberates throughout the world and expands, like the flapping of the butterfly wings that caused the appearance of those who were "Born To Save".


Even if there are tears on your way, don't stop, we will be here.


With all love Sabrina


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