Dear Oppa: A Brazilian BTS fan deems Yoongi her star in a heartfelt poem as ARMY celebrates 8 years with Suga

As ARMY celebrates eight years with Suga, a BTS fan from Brazil penned an endearing poem thanking Yoongi for being there.
Dear Oppa: A Brazilian BTS fan deems Yoongi her star in a heartfelt poem as ARMY celebrates 8 years with Suga
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Social media is flooded with messages of gratitude towards Suga as ARMY marks eight years since the rapper was announced as a BTS member. Fans used the hashtag "#8YearswithSuga" to pour their hearts out and shower the Daechwita crooner with love. While social media filled up with messages, photos and clips of Min Yoongi, a Brazilian fan penned a poem for the rapper. Thais Mendes da Silva from Brazil called Suga her star while adding that in her saddest times, she looked at him and his smile. 

Check out the poem below: 

I looked into your eyes and saw the space

Empty and lonely

But the smile so sweet and true

Every darkness has its light

Just like my darkness

I looked into your eyes again and continued to see the space

But now it's different, it had a small, fragile light

They were the stars

The dusk sky was like your eyes

A light, even though the distance guided my being, illuminating my life

I realized that his eyes were the universe

Full of probability, beauty and a charming essence

My smile reached my eyes

I believed that love was a weakness

With you, I learned that it is the purest and truest feeling

He may even destroy you, but he heals

It also saves you, saves you from the devastation and immense darkness

Providing a light

In all my sad moments, I looked at you and smiled

I truly smiled because I was happy to have you in my life

You're my star.

Thank you, Min Yoongi 

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Anonymous 1 month ago

What a beautiful poem,yoongi is a star,light in the darkness,love him so much

Anonymous 1 month ago

I wish I could be that army in any conditions oppas make us smile even if the haven't seen us yet but but I know they will v oppa once said he will not disband untill he meets all army in world