Dear Oppa: A Brazilian Stay thinks of Stray Kids’ Changbin's happiness as a precious gift

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Maria Clara from Brazil dedicates her sweet letter to Stray Kids’ Changbin. Read her letter below.

Updated on Dec 29, 2021 01:39 PM IST  |  1.2M
Stray Kids’ Changbin Concept Photo
Stray Kids’ Changbin Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: JYP Entertainment
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Changbin was born on August 11, 1999 in Yongin, South Korea. He is the main rapper, sub-vocalist and producer of the boy group Stray Kids and part of the hip-hop unit 3RACHA. His specialties are writing lyrics and rap. He wanted to become a singer because when he danced and rapped at his school’s festival, the audience’s reaction was unforgettable. His sweet personality and amazing work ethic has made him one of the favourites amongst the Stays.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Maria Clara from Brazil to Stray Kids’ Changbin. Read her letter below.

Changbin, how have you been? You know that, of all the people in the world, I chose you to make me happy. Of all the smiles and laughs in the world, yours is the one that really makes me happy. Seeing you happy is a gift that only those who understand know how sincere you are. thanks for taking care of the younger ones, thanks for taking care of me. but please take care of yourself first. don't put your work above your health. Eat delicious things with no fear and no weight on your conscience. I know that I loved the changbin of 4 years ago and I love the changbin of today. I made a promise to you and me. I promised to stay by your side and here I am. I promised to support you and here I am. Being Stay is a gift that God gave me. That's my promise. stay with you. Your smile improves my days and warms me. your eyes look like a galaxy. Please take care and continue to be the man I bank my life and mental health on. don't force yourself into anything. be yourself. I love you.

Maria Clara 


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1 month ago
Such beautiful words gushing through each line , with a beautiful rhyme thats all so true. Hope she gets to see him and let her life flutter for a once-in-a-lifetime