Dear Oppa: A BTS ARMY from India lists down reasons why she's thankful to each member of the cherished septet

Updated on Jul 03, 2021 07:52 AM IST  |  1.1M
Aishwarya from India listens to BTS member Jin's Epiphany when she's sad
Aishwarya from India thanks BTS for giving her a new family; ARMY.

With the riveting success of their smash hit single Butter, just weeks before completing 8 years since their monumental No More Dream debut in 2013, BTS is proving to the world yet again why they are a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, it's the synergy between the septet and their loyal fandom ARMY which is truly a spectacle to witness because the love shared is so genuine.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Aishwarya from India to BTS. Read her letter below:

I'm an ordinary fangirl from India, who would like to convey her thanks through the letter.

My thank you to RM sshi for being leader & for being an example for us that how self-love and self believenesss can help to achieve our goals, thank you for giving us good and essential messages through music and lyrics. Whenever I feel tired I just listen to Moonchild song and feel refreshed, your words have helped a lot of times.

My thank you to Kim Seokjin, for being the coolest and confident Oppa, whenever I feel like I'm alone I just remember you and your dad jokes which makes me feel that I have a brother and I'm not alone. I listen to "Epiphany" whenever I am sad, thanks for "Epiphany".

My thank you to Min Yoongi, for always being strong, savage and sharing the knowledge through lyrics of song and being my inspiration and motivation for fulfilling my dreams. Thank you for Daechwita song, it's energetic.

My thank you for sunshine J-Hope Oppa, I've learnt to find shine even in the darkest days of life by loving myself and having hope in myself thank you for "Mama" song Oppa.

My thank you to crush (love) Mr. Park Jimin, the first member whom I saw, who makes me feel like I have been loved, whenever I am in a problem, sad or felt down, I watch your videos and listen to songs which brings me up, thank you for being BTS member, I hope to meet you in future, take care.

My thank you to Kim Taehyung 'V', for teaching me how to be real and without changing goodness no matter whatever people say about us and to be confident and calm in all situations. I loved your role in Hwarang.

My thank you to Jk, for being confident, who helped us to discover the skill inside me and never give up until it is done. Whenever I feel none loves me or sad I listen to "Still With You and Euphoriaaa" which helps me to feel loved, motivated.

I'm ending this letter by conveying my special thanks to the staff and Bang PD Nim for giving BTS to us, believing them and taking care of them and thanks for songs with essential and necessary messages.

Sorry for taking your precious time and mistakes, thank you for giving me a new family; "ARMY".


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