Dear Oppa: A BTS fan from Bangladesh lists the numerous reasons why she fell head over heels for Jungkook

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, we feature a letter from a BTS fan from Bangladesh. She recalled the first time she noticed Jungkook and confessed her hope to meet him one day.
Dear Oppa: A BTS fan from Bangladesh lists the numerous reasons why she fell head over heels for Jungkook
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BTS has an ocean of ARMY supporting and showering them with love. However, it is no secret that many ARMY members have their bias for various reasons. Today, we've received a letter from a Bangladeshi Jungkook stan. Samiha Islam from the country said she has fallen head over heels for the Golden Maknae. She spotted the youngest BTS member while watching the group's DNA music video. She is hopeful that she will meet Kookie one day and she wished him good health. 

Read her full letter below: 

Jungkook Oppa,

I'm Samiha Islam from Bangladesh.

I don't know what should I start with. I'm an ARMY. You even don't know that this girl exists in this world. But to me, you're my whole world.

I wasn't an ARMY from the very first. But time doesn't matter, right? The matter is I'm true or not. Yes, I'm a true ARMY. I didn't know you back then. My first mv was DNA that I watched and I fell for the boy who was whistling in the first scene. I didn't even know your name or just nothing. But you know love at first sight. This is what happened to me.

Yes, I admit that at first I just fell for your looks your handsome face and all. But more I know about more I fell for you. I start to gather all the information about you. Then I know that this boy is too much innocent, pure and a good soul.

I fell for your bunny smile whenever I see it. I fell for your nose crunches. I fell for you when you do all the naughty things. Your one smile makes my day brightest. But I know you'll never know about me. I promise I'll come to South Korea someday just to attend the concert. Just say HI to me if we meet in a fan meeting. It'll be enough for my lifetime.

I always dream about you. I always dream about you holding my hands, walking on the beach. I know it's too childish. But it makes me happy. I don't know why I'm crying right now. But I'm happy. I've started writing a story based on my fantasy. It just makes me happy. Believe I feel like it's happening to me. And I think I'm really crazy. Do you know why? Only for you, I don't allow any other boy in my life. And I'll not allow them. I know it's super childish. But I'm super stubborn. I don't want them because I have you. I don't care even it is a dream.

I'll meet you someday. I'll come. You know something I always send messages in your official account just hoping for getting a reply. Please just send me a HI. Really it'll be enough for me. I'm not going to say anymore because I can't describe my feelings for you clearly.

But truly JEON JUNGKOOK I LOVE YOU. I really do. I PURPLE YOU. Please just know that there is a girl who immensely love you without any expectations.

Fighting. I wish you all very best and all the Happiness. Always stay healthy and happy because your happiness makes me happy.


Samiha Islam

Love from Bangladesh

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I luv jungkook i luv u

Anonymous 1 month ago

omgg dis letter really touched me! I literally cried reading dis latter.......

Anonymous 3 months ago

I wrote a letter too but did not appear:(

Anonymous 3 months ago

Hi Jung lhi

Anonymous 3 months ago

Even i also from Bangladesh and i also love Jeon Jungkook,,,,,,,,, i wish from the bottom of my heart i will meet BTS and also attend concert,,,,,,, i purple u kookei or bunny and others members of BTS...... I love u BTS and specialy Jungkook.,,,,,, there has no full stop that what i say about jeon jungkook and others BTS members

Anonymous 3 months ago

I am also from Bangladesh and I am diehard fan of Jungkook.

Anonymous 3 months ago

I am also from Bangladesh. Truly JEON JUNGKOOK is a pure soul . I love him more than anything. I wish I could meet you any day. I am planning that I want to south Korea after completing SSC exam . I am really crazy for kookie .

Anonymous 3 months ago

I did write a letter but it didn't appear on any article but I still don't matter at all. This letter is so touching. I hope my letter would appear too

Anonymous 3 months ago

So touching <3 Even if another boy comes- keep jungkook in your heart!!! So sweet :)

Anonymous 3 months ago

This is so lovely that I cried omg u touched my soul lol

Anonymous 3 months ago

it made me cry this letter shows how I feel about him.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Me too

Anonymous 3 months ago

That's so sweet, she should always keep JK in her heart, but if a special boy comes along, she should hold hands with him on the beach.

Anonymous 3 months ago

That spoke to me...

Anonymous 3 months ago


Anonymous 3 months ago


Anonymous 3 months ago

Hi....I have a message for someone special... I want to express this...Will somebody help me??

Anonymous 3 months ago

for whom is the message i can help you

Anonymous 3 months ago

Hi....I have a message for someone special...I want to express this...Will somebody help me??