Dear Oppa: A BTS fan congratulates V for Sweet Night's win at APAN Star Awards; Shares her prayer for Taehyung

In today's Dear Oppa letter, a fan from India reached out to BTS singer V to congratulate him for his victory at the APAN Star Awards.
Dear Oppa: A BTS fan congratulates V for Sweet Night's win at APAN Star Awards; Shares her prayer for Taehyung
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A few days ago, BTS singer V won the award for Popularity Award: Best OST at the APAN Star Awards 2020. The singer bagged the award for his hit song Sweet Night. Following his victory, the fandom took to social media and congratulated the member. On the occasion, Nicole Danny Fernandes from India penned a sweet letter congratulating the singer for his win and showered him with love. She also revealed her silent prayers for Taehyung and thanked him along with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook for coming into her life. 

Read her letter below: 

Annyong Taetae oppa 

I'm Nicole from India, I'm 16 years old and I for sure am an ARMY

First of all Tae congrats on winning the best ost award for Sweet Night.

I'm very happy and this song really deserves it.The way u have sung this song really makes my heart feel calm and fall hard for your lovely voice.

I actually believe myself to be an ot7 Stan but I always see myself getting drawn towards you. The way u smile always makes me smile no matter how bad or boring my day was, the way u always be so cheerful and also cheer all the members in every situation makes me to want to be a happy person like you and face all my difficulties while being cheerful. You always make my heart pound whenever you sing and dance. I really can't even understand Korean but still, I love u cause I can see the love and care you have for us in your eyes.…...."YOUR EYES TELL"

You always care for us ARMY'S, for our wellbeing and always wishes us to in good health. But taehyungshiii I really wish and pray that u always stay in good health and happy as always and may u always receive great success for all the hardships you do. Watching u and the boys always make me happy and I thank u for coming in lives.

I will always support you all and love you all equally. Just a bit of more love comes out of my heart for u cause it really can't hold your cuteness.

Saranghae tae 


Your dearly 


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Anonymous 2 months ago

I Love❤ V

Anonymous 2 months ago

I love u taehyung your song makes feel like your are with me and makes me happy all the best for all ur songs love from India

Anonymous 2 months ago

How to write a letter to bts.u did it.shabbash

Anonymous 2 months ago

I love bts

Anonymous 2 months ago

You deserve a big thank you.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Love u Tae. Always God be the side of u all 7. U all 7 r such a wonderful souls, u am inspire us, motivate us, u guys always shows love towards ur army. U guys don't have any attitude may be one of the reason for reaching this height in ur life. God bless u all.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Nicole you are star I don't know how to tell in this a letter how did you make it

Anonymous 2 months ago

Nicole , Will you tell me please when you sent this letter ?

Anonymous 2 months ago

I got Rose but I want Jennie but im fine with it.