Dear Oppa: A BTS fan pens a comforting poem for Jin confessing Seokjin taught her to love herself

Instead of a letter, today Dear Oppa features a poem penned for BTS member Jin. The fan pours her heart to Seokjin, comforting him with her words.
Dear Oppa: A BTS fan pens a comforting poem for Jin confessing Seokjin taught her to love herself
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In today's Dear Oppa segment, we've received a special letter from a fan named Aazaad. She reaches out to BTS member Jin with a poem she wrote a few months ago. She tells us that she had an intuition that something wasn't right with Jin and ended up penning the poem. She revealed she has shared it on her Instagram account and on the Weverse platform. "In December, Jin shared Abyss and I had a confirmation that what I felt was in fact real. However, I couldn't make it reach him back then, but I really want to try and make it reach him this time," she said. 

With that hope, she has shared her poem here. Check it out below: 

~ To Jin ~

I would refuse to look in the mirror,

I hated myself.

Now I'd look at my reflection,

And always tell me,

I love myself, because I really do.

You made me want to.

You'd be sad, I know,

Yet you always smiled

Just so everyone around you would do it too.

I saw it all and slowly,

I ended up turning into someone like you.

I am happy and I am proud of it.

I remember that scene,

Where you said, "making someone smile

Makes you smile too",

And I cried thinking- Ah! If he says it's fine,

I can be fine too. But I'm just like you,

I know the loneliness underlying our smiles.

You are the freshness in the autumn breeze,

You are there yet nobody see you, you are felt.

You are the cold in the gales of wind.

You'd trembling leaves yet the calmn of the fall.

But if you are away, what's an autumn?

What's a breeze if it doesn't make you shiver and smile?

I learnt to love myself, all because you told me too.

Some day someone may learn this from me,

Some day I'll make someone love themselves too.

And I want you to know, it's all you, it has always been you,

For you've shown me the reasons, for me to love myself.

Some day, I will show them to someone too.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

So beautiful lines

Anonymous 1 month ago

very beautiful

Anonymous 1 month ago

It's beautiful but I can't love myself I hate myself a lot and I hardly have any friends and that's why I hate myself and his Jin will listen to me hahaha he would kill me but since

Anonymous 1 month ago

I am also a Indian BTS fan and I think this poem is very nice and I think Jin will love it too

Anonymous 1 month ago

The poem is touching and beautiful.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Thank you so much!

Anonymous 1 month ago

so beautiful...

Anonymous 1 month ago

Thank you so much, her name is an urdu language word that means "free" which she truly is, because she got rid of those thoughts. This is purely heartfelt

Anonymous 1 month ago

Por isso que eu amo BTS ,porque mesmo com suas imperfeições eles ajudam a resgatar vidas que estão presas mentalmente a beira de um colapso, eu sou uma prova viva que eles resgatam vidas.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Most of us jin stans did notice he was trying hard to hide his struggles. And i hope he knows he doesnt have to hide it. We dont love him just cuz he smiles. We love him for who he is. I hope he is happy and ofc successful . I love u seokjin. And ty whoever wrote this

Anonymous 1 month ago

Wow how well you understood him,even I noticed when he is silent these days,hope he will be fine soon, excellent poem,as a Jin Stan I thank you for this,hope he see this poem and know that he's loved a lot and he brings happiness to us.

Anonymous 1 month ago

So beautiful poem❤.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Jin is really a wonderful soul.. you wrote it so well

Anonymous 1 month ago

I love Seokjin this is heart touching♡. I hope he finds his own true happiness one day.

Anonymous 1 month ago

The poem is so beautiful. I, myself has noticed that Seokjin always tries to let the other members shine and he is the first person there to comfort you. I loved that you understood and loved the real him. The poem is marvelous.

Anonymous 1 month ago

This is every I could say it out loud. I hope he finds all the happiness in this world!!! He truly deserves it.

Anonymous 1 month ago

It's really heart touching jin is the one who always try to make others smile most caring n loving person he is i always admire his soulful beliefs n intuitions

Anonymous 1 month ago

Me too

Anonymous 1 month ago

Such a beautiful poem ... I love it ... ❣️❤️

Anonymous 1 month ago

This was so beautiful to read i am glad to hear about this change in your life

Anonymous 1 month ago

This so Amazing who ever has written this I love you . And I feel so happy that you understood him so well . This poem is so relatable because it is conveys everything I felt too and I want to say to him. He is really a person who smiles and laughs alot but he is also the person who hides his tears behind that beautiful smile of his . He has taught all of us to love ourselves but somewhere he himself still finds hard to love himself . I love him a lot and will always support him till end .

Anonymous 1 month ago

I think he does love himself. He just doesnt want to show his weakneses. Which i can understand. But i hope he knows we are here fo him