Dear Oppa: BTS is like ‘Mount Everest’ to an Indian ARMY as they protect the fans with all their might

Published on Nov 23, 2021 06:37 PM IST  |  120.6K
BTS; Picture Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC

BTS is undoubtedly the biggest band on the planet but they never let it show in their ways of living. The happiness they exude when achieving a new goal makes the ARMYs understand how humble they are. They also teach valuable lessons to their fans, giving them the strength and room to grow as good people, just like the ARMY writing this letter. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sanjitha from India to BTS. Read her letter below.

Dear BTS,

Congratulations!! You just get what you deserve. We are so proud that we can become your army and can stay with you not from the beginning but still. You guys are our main motivation to study hard So that we can meet with you. I personally think that you guys are Mount Everest for me. I mean to say that it feels like you are so down to earth. It's really true but I actually mean that we can see mount everest from far away and we think that it's so close to us that we can even touch it. But when we stretch our arms to touch you then we will realise how far they are and how difficult it is to reach to you actually. Just like Mount Everest you are getting bigger day by day by keeping your feet on the ground. Just like Mount Everest you save us from the storms of negativity. And after every storm you shine brighter. And at the end I will say I love you I respect you and thank you for being not a part but my life. 

- Sanjita Mahato

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