Dear Oppa: BTS’ music and words brought bliss to the life of a young Indian ARMY

Published on Sep 13, 2021 03:27 PM IST  |  26.5K
BTS Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC

Every ARMY has an interesting story of how they discovered BTS. Most global ARMYs always find them by accident and get hooked on to their music, looks, personalities, etc forever. The relationship that BTS shares with their fans is extremely beautiful as they support each other through wins, vlogs, little trinkets, mentions in award speeches etc which further solidifies their bond.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Ananya from India to BTS. Read her letter below.

Dear bts oppa this is Ananyaa from India 

I want to thank all of you for helping me escape all the dramas of my life because I lived a life that made me so selfless that I forgot what I wanted what I liked I was just unnecessarily making people around me happy eventually I made myself unhappy then I started listening your songs I watched your interviews and then I realised that the person I became is not me and now I am finally looking forward what I want in my life You are the stars twinkling on a dark moonless night for me my parents always wonder why I like you so much and they feel like how can someone enjoy listening to the music one can not even understand but I just keep going watching your concerts and interviews now I finally don't need anyone before I used to get bore I overthink on every situation I used to get into fights so easily but now it's like I don't talk to anyone and if I get into fight it doesn't spoil my day I used to escape from the place of fight and I start my pc and I just start watching your concerts or interviews I am so thankful you all made my life very easy and I seriously owe this to you and also just by looking at you all makes me happy especially Jimin oppa I wonder how can he be so cute I just goes on smiling watching him and Jungkook oppa too he is my first celeb crush I made portrait off I just wonder how can he be good at everything and j hope oppa too seems to be loving his smile is very positive All of you are very positive and have a good aura and the most important thing is that it feels like you love ARMY you all seems to be very nice and now I just want to attend your concert at least once in my life! 

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Anonymous : Hii this is my second message i am very happy today to see all of you in this platfrom you all do heardwork and all the effort and giving me motivation for fight againts the life i am very glad that i am part ao this army i love all of you you sincearly janvi rai from india
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