Dear Oppa: An ELF from The Philippines wishes Super Junior to always choose what makes them happy

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Heloise Krystene S. Sindol from The Philippines dedicates her sweet letter to the group Super Junior. Read her letter below.
An ELF talks about her how Super Junior have proven their worth in 15 years in Dear Oppa Official poster announcing Super Junior's 15th Anniversary Special Event.
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The multiple award-winning band, Super Junior debuted in 2005 and has had a big hand in spreading the Hallyu Wave across the world. Currently, the group has nine members from the original lineup of twelve. Even though they’re the most prominent group, they’ve had their own share of controversies from reportedly being banned on MBC, fans making a move to avoid new members in the group and more. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Heloise Krystene S. Sindol from The Philippines to the group Super Junior. Read her letter below.


Dear Super Junior members,


You have been active in the industry for 15 years and for all those years, you have encountered a lot of hate, a lot of curses, you have felt a lot of sadness, even unexpected occurrences. Yet, here you all are still doing all your best giving us quality and a variety of music that inspires us and makes us feel good. As your fan, an ELF, you already have proven a lot and all I wish is for all of you to always choose what makes you happy.. Whatever happens, there will forever be ELFs around the world loving you and supporting you.  Always be happy and be healthy, our Last Men Standing! To more years we'll both share. 


Forever we will proudly shout, "We are ELF-oyeo!"




Heloise Krystene S. Sindol



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