Dear Oppa: A fan from California feels Crash Landing On You star Hyun Bin's gaze is intoxicating

Dear Oppa: Hyun Bin was among the most popular actors of 2020 owing to his hit show Crash Landing On You. A fan from California gushes about the actor and confesses she cannot watch an American show anymore.
Dear Oppa: A fan from California feels Crash Landing On You star Hyun Bin's gaze is intoxicating
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The New Year is upon us and with it, the news of Hyun Bin dating Son Ye Jin has made the headlines. The on-screen couple, who has starred in Crash Landing On You and The Negotiation, confirmed that they were together. The internet is filled with love and support for the duo. However, before the news of their love affair made the headlines, a fan from California penned a letter addressing Hyun Bin and revealed that she cannot watch American shows ever since she watched him in Crash Landing On You. In her letter to the actor, Joseline (Jo Jo) Marcellin deemed Hyun Bin "handsome and smart" while adding that his gaze is "intoxicating." 

Read her letter below: 

YEOBOSEYO  Dear Oppa,                                                                                                                              

This is the only word I know in Korean

This year has been quite a year, with the pandemic it has been tough on everyone, forcing us to look into our hearts and make the right decision. It has forced us to find ways to entertain ourselves any way we can for our sanity that's why I started to watch more K dramas and after I watched Crash Landing On You and say you, (I will not go back to watching American Television Movies) Oh my, you...... I was struck through the heart and fell in love, you were amazing in this drama. You are forever engraved in my heart and mind.

You were so so great, I literally felt like I was there witnessing the whole thing in person. (I am a hopeless romantic that's why) You seem to fit the characters you play perfectly. You're doing a great job getting into the parts, that's what being a great actor is. I wish you lots of love and stay healthy to do more K-dramas.

Because now I only watch Korean dramas with English subtitles since I am American and don't speak Korean especially if the lead actor is handsome. You are sooo handsome and smart and your gaze, ..........OH WOW.....SOOOOO intoxicating. Even though we haven't met when i see a picture of you (smiling) I look into your eyes and heart flutters (like all women who see you) and i start to blush and my knees starts to get weak. (I cannot believe I am admitting this)  Your eyes are sooooo HYPNOTIC that I feel HYPNOTIZE every time I see your face. (I can't believe I am blushing just writing this.

So, go ahead, get another ROMANTIC K DRAMA and make our hearts flutter (women) some more.

Wishing you all the best and stay healthy during this pandemic.  

P.S.  I will keep you in my virtual Pond and in my heart to wish you the best always. I just realize, we have something in common, we both like the song SHALLOW by LADY GAGA.  While you can sing, I sing some of the words and hum the rest.

There's an American song by a soul singer.. Bill Withers (Rhythm and soul)......LEAN ON ME, everyone needs to listen to it at this trying time, it soothes the soul.  At this trying time, it's just we need, SOMEONE TO LEAN ON, be it in person through music or K Dramas. Work in a Health care facility and from one day to another, I am thankful I didn't catch COVID-19 but still, there's the fear of catching it. That's where the song comes in, I hum all the time to give me strength and I have been binging on K Dramas after listening to the words of LEAN ON ME.

You'll always be in our hearts (women) Lots of L O V E

Your fan,



PS. good luck on your next project.    

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Anonymous 2 months ago

He is just beyond... classy, handsome, great actor and his dimples... oh my!!! I love him.♥️

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

I love Hyun Bin too but I don't have the courage to divulge it to the whole world by writing so I envy you.