Dear Oppa: A fan from India gushes about how Start Up star Kim Seon Ho's smile tugs at her heartstrings

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Pari Ana Sonowal from India writes a sweet letter to Start-Up star Kim Seon-ho gushing about how she smiled and cried along with his beloved character Han Ji-pyeong.
Dear Oppa: A fan from India gushes about how Start Up star Kim Seon Ho's smile tugs at her heartstrings
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It's astonishing to see the rousing popularity that Kim Seon-ho is currently enjoying post his scene-stealing performance as the beloved Han Ji-pyeong in the popular tvN drama Start-Up. Even weeks after the show ended, Seon-ho continues to be a trending topic gaining plenty of fans across the world under his fandom Seonhohada as they eagerly anticipate his next project.

Today's heartwarming letter has been penned to Seon-ho by Pari Ana Sonowal from India. In her letter, Pari thanked the 34-year-old actor for being the reason behind the smiles of countless fans, who have a special place in their hearts for the 2 Days 1 Night star. Read her letter below:

Dear Kim Seon Ho Oppa,

With due respect and honour, I have finally got the strength to pen down my inner feelings about you. There may be countless fans following you and I don't know this will even reach you but yes I am one of those who are genuinely rooting for you.

No doubt, your recent project, Start-Up has been a huge huge motivational story for people like us, but from the audience perspective, I wished it was a happy ending for you but yes your selfless love that you have set an example, it's truly commendable.

You just stole the show for me, you performed all the characters so well and you were the soul of the whole drama, be it the 15 years of letters to the success behind their startup. You boost them in every way. From starting to end I just waited for your part to be played, you smiled and I smiled you cried and I cried along with you.

I just wish you all the happiness and success in life and may you entertain us with your charm always. Thank you for being the reason of smile and being in hearts of countless fans along with me. Yes, your smile do pull my heartstrings. Looking forward to your next project and I hope one day I could just visit South Korea just to see you smile... Though my dream of seeing you is baseless but yes as a fan will always wait for your autograph.

Thanking you.
With lots of love and respect,
Pari Ana Sonowal.

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