Dear Oppa: A fan from India calls South Korean band EXO a ‘full package of happiness and talent’

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, Surmil Bohara from India writes a sweet and heartwarming note to the South Korean band and EXO. Scroll down to read the heartfelt note.
Dear Oppa: A fan from India calls South Korean band EXO a ‘full package of happiness and talent’
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Over the past few weeks, some endearing letters have made their way to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to Lee Min Ho and BTS, our inbox is full of love. In the past, we've also received letters to EXO members Chanyeol and KAI. Now, we've received a letter addressed to all the EXO band members. An Indian EXO-L named Surmil Bohara has reached out to the band via our Dear Oppa segment.


Read his letter below:


Hello EXO


I'm an Indian fan penning down my feelings for you. I really am feeling nostalgic while writing this letter, I've been searching, a way out to show my feelings as an EXO-L. And when I started writing all words seemed to run through tears from my eyes. I have been your fan since I first saw your drama EXO next door. I won't deny, with the fact that I watched it because of PCY (I married an anti-fan) but after watching that drama I wanted to watch you more and more. It seems you are a gift from God to me. I became EXO-L on 27th of Dec 2016. I can't forget that day as the drama has given me such a good vibes and positivity. I watched that drama back to back three times and recently, I watched it again. Songs sung and composed by you gives hope and strength to me that I feel I can win any battle with that hope. You all have such a mesmerizing voice that makes a person feel the music. Universe, Miracles in December, Unfair, Growl, Loveshot, Monster, Overdose and Obsession kind of songs are such versatile song that they can be heard in any mood. The sub-units CBC, SC and Singles are refreshing that it easily pulls up my mood from bad to good. 


All of you make EXO band a full package of happiness and talent. I love you all and hope you all stay safe and happy at the end I'll thank you all to be a part of the entertainment and to introduce us to your talent. Thank you for being there and entertaining us and giving us strength.


Regards EXO-L( India)


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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 3 days ago

lobe exo

Anonymous 4 days ago

For me EXO is everything related to music my music starts with them

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Exo kings of kpop Indian exols We are one

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Many groups come and go but Exo is forever

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Stan talent Stan EXO

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

No EXO no Life

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

EXO the kings of kpoo