Dear Oppa: A fan from India proudly states that SHINee is 'every SHAWOL's strength, guide and light'

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Sveta J Krishna from India pens, "SHINee never fails to make me smile"
Sveta J Krishna from India promises "to stay a SHAWOL and be by your [SHINee] side always."

SHINee is a force to be reckoned with as there's plenty of reasons why the second generation boy group is "your idol's idol." Comprising of Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin and the late Jonghyun, SHINee proved time and again that they're the evergreen Princes of K-pop who never shy away from experimenting, with their successful Don't Call Me Comeback as all the evidence one needs. Along with the ever-cherished SHAWOLS' forever loyal support, SHINee continues to dominate the music industry.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sveta J Krishna from India to SHINee. Read her letter (Note: This letter was written on March 21, 2021) below:

Hi, my name is Sveta and I'm a Shawol from India. Ever since I saw this column, I wanted to pen down my irrevocable love for SHINee and what best time than now, when they made such an impactful comeback as a group with Don't Call Me...

It was around 2010, I first heard the song "Stand by Me" and I still remember downloading the OST, using college wifi, even though I didn't understand a single word from the song. But then, I was more attracted to the drama than the music in it.

I didn't know that there is a world of music and hardworking idols out there which once you get in, sucks you deep, and is hard to get out...! Then one day, in 2018, I was having a walk through my street while suddenly a voice sucked me in! I took out my phone and saw a handsome guy staring at me and the song lyrics scrolling along... His voice was so deep; it awoke so many feelings inside me which I never knew existed...!! The song was titled "Diphylleia Grayi – Jonghyun"... That...!! That's where it all started...!!

I started searching for the guy and found that he belongs to a group called SHINee, whose tracks I had searched previously when I heard it in the series "Lucifer". At first, it was all very confusing... Everyone had an individual career, tons of videos, reality shows, but I was intrigued. It was like discovering something new and I really wanted to dive in.

I started from "Lucifer" again and then the world-famous "Ring Ding Dong" showed up... I still remember getting mad over not identifying the faces when I watched "Hello"... but by my fifth replay, I was thorough... I remember giggling over "Hello Baby" and ROFL-ing over their Weekly Idol shows... It was all so fascinating and fun...

I did try listening to few other groups when I was exposed to the K-pop world and reading about various fandoms, but then one day "Stand by Me" Live came and that's when I actually knew "We are Fated" ... I knew SHINee is my Ult Group and that we are bonded forever... Pearl Aqua became my Favorite color and SHAWOL my fandom...!

SHINee isn't your "Idol's idol" for nothing... From the moment they sang "Replay", they had created a certain standard which people look up to... They never feared to experiment, they were always Fresh and when they announce a comeback, the industry certainly looks forward to it. I do like all their MV's but SHINee ballads are my Favorite... When the 5 of them harmonize, it's like heaven on earth. I recommend Honesty, Selene 6.23, Wish Upon A Star, An Encore & Beautiful Life, just to get a glimpse of how beautiful the music is when the 5 of them come together.

I feel it in every core of my body when there is a high pitch from Onew or Jonghyun or a whisper from Minho saying "SHINee is Back". And No matter how many times I've seen Key and Taemin perform on stage, they captivate me with their amazing charisma, screen presence and vocals again & again. It's not like they do not have any flaws, but they know this and know how to rise above it together as a team.

SHINee never fails to make me smile and it's like they have a song for each occasion to listen to and feel better to. Not just as a group, they shine individually too and that is just another one of the many feathers in their hat. 

Onew's "Rainy Blue", Jonghyun's "End of a Day", Key's "Chemicals", Taemin's "Pansy" & Minho's "I'm Home" are few songs where they have shined individually. The list is so small as they are such talented individuals and have showcased so much in their 13-year long career. YES...! "Every member is a vocalist" in SHINee...

I could go on and on, but what I truly wanted to say to them is... Thank you...!  I know there might have been countless times when you felt tired, scared and drained... but believe me when I say it... You Guys are Every SHAWOL's strength, guide and light... I truly feel blessed to have known 5 of you and also, I am so happy that you received the recognition you deserved during this comeback.

I look forward to being amazed more and promise to stay a SHAWOL and be by your side always. #5HINEEFOREVER

Sveta J Krishna,

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