Dear Oppa: A fan from India reveals how BTS member Suga aka Min Yoongi is the ultimate inspiration in her life

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Samadrita Jalal from India shares her admiration for BTS member Suga aka Min Yoongi and how her respect for him, the band and their music will be never-ending.
Samadrita Jalal from India believes BTS' Suga is worthy of a million prizes Dear Oppa: A fan from India reveals how BTS member Suga aka Min Yoongi is the ultimate inspiration in her life
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Dear Oppa is a platform open to one and all, giving fans a chance to express, through words, their love and admiration for their beloved K-drama and K-pop stars. Spend every hour listening to BTS' music or re-binge-watch all Hyun Bin dramas from time-to-time? Share with Pinkvilla readers just how much you adore your favourite artist.

Today's letter comes from Samadrita Jalal from India, who dedicated some heartwarming words to BTS member Suga aka Min Yoongi, who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery, as well as the band itself. Read her letter below:

Dear Suga Oppa and BTS,

I am an ordinary army girl. I am grateful or rather lucky to know and have you in my life. Suga, you are an ultimate inspiration in my life. You are worthy of a million prizes and we (ARMY) have all those in our hearts. The fact hurts me that you have been giving your best all these years despite your pains and health issues and not regarding your shoulder pain as an obstacle in your life. I (entire Army in fact) pray for you to get better than ever soon. I never liked to hear Raps until you became my world and so for BTS as a whole. Your songs possess a magical power to heal everything. I may not be able to buy your merch or even a lightstick, don't know if I will ever be able to see you in person but I promise you that my love and respect for you and your music will be never-ending. Your smile is my smile. This letter is nothing to define you and my support for you.

For me BTS is

The sunshine to my life,

First smile after 3 dark years,

The lost key to the secret door,

The light of hope in a scary night,

A bird of paradise I was looking for,

The unknown melody of my heart...

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
Your unknown admirer

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Yoongi is the most precious person

Anonymous 7 months ago

Hi ! I know Suga oppa you will not see this but let me tell you I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN

Anonymous 7 months ago

Hi my name is tejal I am your biggest fan your songs to change my life 99%, I am so happy I love it your songs