Dear Oppa: A fan from India REVEALS Hyun Bin's Crash Landing on You performance made her a big Korean food fan

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Lubaina Bandukwala from India dedicates her sweet letter to Hyun Bin. Read her letter below.
Lubaina Bandukwala from India loved Hyun Bin's food scenes in Crash Landing on You. Dear Oppa: A fan from India REVEALS Hyun Bin's Crash Landing on You performance made her a big Korean food fan
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In 2020, if there was one thing that heavily contributed to distracting many of us from the harsh quarantine realities of a COVID-19 pandemic world, it's definitely K-dramas, who deserves major credit. Amongst the diverse array of shows delivered to us on a silver platter, Crash Landing on You was a solace for most, especially with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's electrifying chemistry as Ri Jung Hyuk, a reserved North Korean captain and Yoon Se Ri, a sassy South Korean chaebol heiress stealing the show.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Lubaina Bandukwala from India to Hyun Bin. Read her letter below:

Dear Oppa (Hyun Bin)

In common with thousands of viewers around the world, I too found much joy in Crash Landing on You during the pandemic. The idea that love trumps politics is a message that is so relevant and hopeful in these unusual times. You showed your love in so many heart-stopping ways. But the ones that stayed with me the most are the ones in which food was an expression of love.

Food and everything it represents – warmth, hospitality, sustenance – is an integral part of our culture here in India. I too love to cook and feed my family and friends. I serve food as an expression of my love, as an offer of comfort, and often as a celebration of life’s joyous moments.

And so, I really loved the "Food" scenes in CLOY. The way you painstakingly made the noodles for Yoon Seri, even meticulously garnishing them, was mesmerizing to see. It was a beautiful reflection of your character’s caring nature and aesthetics as an artist. The satisfaction on your face when Seri loved the coffee that you worked so hard to get and make is something only someone who cooks with love can understand. All of these were not just beautifully written scenes, but you breathed life in them in such an authentic way. And of course, apart from the emotional connect, you have made me a big fan of Korean food!

Oppa, do you cook for your loved ones like that in real life too? If so, they are truly lucky. Thank you for this beautiful introduction to Korean food and I hope your table is always loaded with food to be enjoyed with people you love.

Warm regards
Lubaina Bandukwala
A fan from India

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