Dear Oppa: A fan from India thanks V for healing BTS ARMY with Snow Flower; Says the song is a 'masterpiece'

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, Karthika from India wrote a sweet letter to BTS member V thanking him for gifting her and BTS ARMY with his Christmas song, Snow Flower, which was in collaboration with Wooga Squad member Peakboy.
Karthika from India reveals how BTS lit up her 2020 like Dynamite Dear Oppa: A fan from India thanks V for healing BTS ARMY with Snow Flower; Says the song is a 'masterpiece'
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Christmas 2020 has indeed been a joyous occasion for BTS ARMY as the '95 line members Jimin and V gifted the fandom with two holiday tunes - Christmas Love and Snow Flower. Speaking of Snow Flower, Kim Taehyung collaborated with Wooga Squad member Peakboy and as expected, the song was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Dear Oppa came across a letter by a BTS ARMY member which expressed her kind, warm feelings toward Snow Flower.

Today's heartwarming letter has been penned by Karthika from India to TaeTae as she confesses how the Winter Bear singer helped heal her and ARMY with Snow Flower. Read her letter below:

Dear Taehyung,

First of all Happy Christmas to everyone... Hope you have a safe and sound Christmas. This is my first Christmas I celebrate after becoming an army. Christmas is already a special one but BTS made it a more special occasion. Earlier today mochi (Jimin) released his own original "Christmas Love". It was so special and awesome. And to make it more special Taehyung made me feel his warmth by giving his original " Snow Flower". Your lines were so comforting and made all armies feel your warmth.

"When the world is dyed beautifully white / I’ll suffuse those faded colours / There are many white angels here and there this year so / take a deep breath and have a look at those flowers that resemble you,". Such beautiful and heartwarming lyrics. "I believe that there would be a personal uneasiness and gloominess that would befall many of us as the end of year approaches due to the feeling of stopped time. I hurriedly made this in an apologetic heart to ARMY, as I continued to fall behind on my mixtape." Even though you made it in a hurry as your message says but it was so so good. Your song really did heal me and made me feel better and strong.

"It would be good if, at least on this day, white flowers would fall into your hearts so you could feel a warm consolation and joy. I really want to thank the many white angels of this year hehe." You really made me feel the warmth and joy that you were trying to convey. It really healed me. I seriously can't think what would have happened to me if I didn't find BTS during this quarantine as they lit up my 2020 like Dynamite.

Everyone must have had that anxious feeling and their difficult time during this quarantine. But instead of hiding your feelings you mixed them and made them into beautiful and sentimental songs which healed many armies like me. Instead of holding on to the bad moments why don't we accept it and move on? Cause life goes on... So let's live on... Thank you Taehyung for giving us this masterpiece and healing us. Love you forever. Hope I'll meet you guys one day.


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