Dear Oppa: A fan from Morocco reveals it was love at first sight when she saw BTS member Suga in Idol

Dear Oppa: As BTS member Suga recovers from his shoulder injury, a Moroccan fan gushes about the rapper. She reveals falling in love with him while watching Idol.
Dear Oppa: A fan from Morocco reveals it was love at first sight when she saw BTS member Suga in Idol
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BTS singer Suga has been away from the spotlight as he is recovering from his shoulder surgery. The rapper underwent the surgery back in November and has been resting ever since. As fans wait to see Min Yoongi return from his break and join RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook on stage, a fan named Sarah from Morocco has reached out to the BTS member to confess her love for him. The ARMY member recalls falling head over heels for Suga while watching him in the video Idol. 

Check out her complete letter below: 

Hi I'm Sarah from Morocco

Dear Yoongi Oppa,

First of all, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm just a girl who loves Min Yoongi and everyone says to her, that Suga will not like a girl younger than him even if she is beautiful and one of his favourite kind... Honestly, their words hurt my heart to the point that I surrendered to reality.

But do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, I saw you for the first time in the "Idol" music video where you were wearing a snow-white shirt, my heart was fluttering like crazy, since then you've been my role model, prejudice, the ideal type and everything. I like the other BTS members too.

I love your rap clips in every song, like Boy with Luv, Dionysus, Fake Love, Mic Drop, Best of Me, Save Me, Ddeang, Shadow, Daechwita... Whenever I have time I listen to your songs and cuddle up to a pillow or something. I really love you, when you are in front of the camera, I cannot control my tears and I cry. You're the type who doesn't like calm and doesn't like chaos, which is what makes me love you.

I really love you as a composer too, all your songs are a masterpiece. There are no words that can express your charming voice. I hope to meet you even if it is one second... I'm sorry I have never been able to go to the signing event or your concert, but I hope we will meet at Yoogi Oppa one day.

I am not sure that my message will reach you, and I do not know if you will respond to it, but if you read it, I will be the happiest Army in the world, and then you will be the reason for my euphoria.

I purple you

Thank you for being in my life

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm also in the same situation.,.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I also had the same feeling when I saw blood sweat and tears for the first time

Anonymous 2 months ago

I know right!We are in the same situation!!I honestly thought that I was the only one who was like disheartened by the thought..I never got to meet him or bts members in real life too.My heart flutters and beats like crazy too whenever I see him,and unlike most,I find his swag very cute.....But,I am a lot younger than him...I don't think my parents would allow my to go to a fan signing..:((..I'm also in love with him..I understand you..

Anonymous 2 months ago

I feel you girl. I also fell in love with him when i first saw him in the Fire MV...when he did the iconic "bultorune" and smirk at the same time. I miss him so much :D