Dear Oppa: A fan from Nepal celebrates 5 years of togetherness between ASTRO and AROHA in a sweet letter

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Mausam Rai from Nepal dedicates a heartwarming letter to ASTRO as they celebrate their five-year anniversary today, i.e. February 23. Read her letter below.
Dear Oppa: A fan from Nepal celebrates 5 years of togetherness between ASTRO and AROHA in a sweet letter
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It was on this day, five years ago, when ASTRO made their debut with their Spring Up EP, which featured their hit title track Hide & Seek. The rest as they say is history with MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Rocky and Sanha taking over the world thanks to their musical talent. Moreover, ASTRO also struck a lifelong bond with their beloved fandom, who are cutely named AROHA.

Today's sweet letter in our Dear Oppa edition has been penned by Mausam Rai from Nepal to ASTRO. Read her letter below:


Annyeong! I am Mausam Rai, a 15 years old girl from Nepal. I am a big fan of yours since the blue flame era. I am also an AROHA (ASTRO fandom name). I wanted to write a letter to you, my idols on your very important day.

In this pandemic, I hope that all of you and yours family are doing good.

Tomorrow is the day when you guys debuted as ASTRO and as the idols of millions of people. It's been 5 years since ASTRO and AROHA are together. AROHA exists because ASTRO exists. Together we faced many ups and down. We smiled together, we cried together and now also we are together. I am feeling happy on the completion of 5 years of our togetherness.

I really would like to thank you all for making such great songs. You are a role model for me and as well as for millions of roha. You taught us to stay positive, keep fighting, remain brave, stay ambitious, stay focused and stay strong. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I have never seen artist who are passionate, kind hearted and dedicated as you guys are. I never regret stanning you all. Mj oppa, jinjin oppa, cha eun woo oppa, moon bin oppa, rocky oppa, sanha oppa love you all (dadeul salanghae). Waiting for your comeback. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay healthy. And again happy 5th anniversary to you.

Sincerely yours

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