Dear Oppa: A fan from the Philippines believes Pachinko's Lee Min Ho deserves the happiness he's given to fans

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, Catherine Mallari from the Philippines dedicates her sweet letter to Lee Min-ho in which she states that The King: Eternal Monarch star is an inspiration.
Catherine Mallari from the Philippines thinks Lee Min-ho is a blessing Dear Oppa: A fan from the Philippines believes Pachinko's Lee Min Ho deserves the happiness he's given to fans
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From Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs to The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Min-ho has managed to steal millions and millions of hearts from all across the globe thanks to his impressive acting talent and charismatic personality. Min-ho's fan club named Minoz have always been extremely loyal to their favourite star and often showers love upon the 33-year-old actor on social media.

Today's sweet letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Catherine Mallari from the Philippines to Min-ho. In her letter, Catherine added a short and sweet poem for the Legend of the Blue Sea star. Read her letter below:

My Lee Min Ho,

I am Catherine Mallari, your zero fan from the Philippines. Zero or the number between zero and one just like in King Eternal Monarch’s parallel universe. Since I was in high school I am fond and so much in love with how you grow stronger and great. I am a graduating student at college right now and you read the letter of mine is the greatest gift for me for my graduation and to my birthday as well. You are the brightest star. You are the moon in the night sky. You are my serenity at the chaotic city. I have this poem for you originally written by me and I dedicate this to you.

By any chance
Can I glance?
Can we dance?
To our own melody
As I told
Can I hold?
Like a gold
Your hands, firmly.

You are a blessing. My prayer is for you to be happy in all ways. You deserve that. You deserve the happiness you gave to us. You are an inspiration and I’m looking forward to see you soon. Always take care and we love you. I love you the most.

Your number zero fan,
Catherine Mallari
From the Philippines with love.

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Minho, The sky hosts grandest of STARS for anyone to see. Their brightness continues to give hope for the souls down below it. Amongst those whose brightness continuously warming the hearts of millions is YOURS. Honestly, really don't know why in my daily routine, you fill out that space. Well, admiration PERHAPS or plainly that LOVE which grows unexpectedly on my end. My is #UNCONDITIONAL though. Given the reality that I can only love you from the distance, that is fine. Seeing every day is enough for me and I am more than happy with that. And this will continue as far as I can longer remember. Wishing you the best on all of the things you do. And continue to help people especially kids in need. Since both of us do charismatic works to save children. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. Love, G

Anonymous 3 months ago

Wow she's so lucky to have lee min ho reading her letter and all the best for her hwiting!!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Yes ,he is the best!! I believe ALL his fans wish him the best in everything he does...

Anonymous 3 months ago

I would appreciate PINKVILLA ,if we can get reply from Our oppa Lee min ho to the letters of fans.

Anonymous 3 months ago

I am Catherine Mallari and I want to say thank you so much. All the love to Lee Min Ho and to this site. Grateful.

Anonymous 3 months ago

I am so happy. My heart is so happy.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Love reading this letter. Expecially this"You are my serenity at a chaotic city".Also like the poem....Wish I could write as good as Catherine. . I am Lisa from Hong Kong.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Just keep writing Ms. Lisa. Go. You can too! Keep going! -Catherine