Dear Oppa: A fan from Singapore showers Tale of the Nine Tailed star Lee Dong Wook with love

Dear Oppa: A fan from Singapore showers reached out to Lee Dong Wook and showered him with love. She requested the Tale of the Nine Tailed star to take care of his health.

Updated on Dec 04, 2020 08:02 AM IST  |  4M
Tale of the Nine Tailed star Lee Dong Wook receives love from Singapore fan
Dear Oppa: A fan from Singapore showers Tale of the Nine Tailed star Lee Dong Wook with love
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As we prepare for Tale of the Nine-Tailed finale, our inbox received a sweet mail addressing to the lead actor Lee Dong Wook as part of the Dear Oppa series. For the unversed, the Dear Oppa series features letters from fans across the world addressing to their favourite K-pop idol, group and K-drama actors. A fan named Aishah sat down to write a letter to Lee Dong Wook today wherein she details in on the numerous shows she's watched of the actor. 

She also requested the actor to take care of his health and give work a break when it is absolutely required. She added that she is reaching out to him as a friend rather than a fan. Read her complete letter below: 

Dear Oppa Lee Dong Wook,

I am writing to you upon mustering up my confidence, as I don't certainly want to look either anxious or overconfident. Of course, there is no certainty as to whether or not this letter will get to you. But, I really do want to talk to you in this lifetime and this is from my honesty.

My name is Aishah and I'm from Singapore, I'm 19 years old and currently attending college, studying chemical process. My goal is to be a chemist and have the freedom to do what I liked most. Whether it be writing my life stories, making quizzes or doing theories on my favourite shows(it spawns from my imaginative mind hehe). I also like weird and mystery stuff, which actually comes from my personality.

The first time I get to know you is from the JTBC K-drama Life, where you play the role as Dr. Ye Jin Woo. At that time, I wasn't paying much attention to you and my focus went towards the plot of the drama. When I heard the news that you've accepted a role in a OCN drama(yes, I always loved OCN dramas), I was totally surprised and have found myself to be proud of you. Your role in Hell is Other People as the eerie psychopathic dentist Dr. Seo Moonjo have made me realized how versatile you can be as an actor, even up till this day that creepy smile of yours still plays inside my head(I have also labelled Moonjo as your alter ego, funny right?).

Ever since then, I've tried to get to know more about you and the roles you've played in the past. I've to admit now that I'm not exactly a fan of all your dramas, but I am a fan of you as Lee Dong Wook. So please do stay true to yourself as always Oppa.

I haven't watched Roommate(planning to, soon), but I do like Because I Want To Talk. There were some scenes that made me laugh(like the one in episode 6 when you cooked Aglio Olio for Kim Seo Hyung and Jang Do Yeon and it turned out sticky, that made me laugh haha) and the ones that made me have a thought or two more. I'm sad that it only had 12 episodes(wish it still continues hopefully), but this made me also realized how multi-talented you are, and that is something I can relate to when doing the things that I liked.

I wouldn't touch on how good you look but I can only say that your personality is more good looking than your outer appearance(its not easy, its challenging to only see it in this way, to be totally honest).

I do hope that you take better care of yourself, as it pains me to see you working hard when you should be at home resting. And I also hope for you to achieve your goals in life and be free to do what you liked most. I'm saying this as more than just a fan of you, I'm saying this as a friend.

With that, I do have a wish, which is to meet you in this lifetime and if possible, to be your friend. Hope we can meet in one of your fan meetings, either virtual or face to face. Okay, I'll end off here.

Yours Sincerely,


*P.S* I have not yet to watch Tale of Nine Tailed, but will watch it once my exams and the drama are finish.

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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8 months ago
Leedongwook is a hardworking and good actor. He is my ultimate bias.