Dear Oppa: A fan from South Africa believes that Lee Seung Gi is the ultimate handsome man in her eyes

Published on May 31, 2021 08:38 AM IST  |  396.3K
Actor Lee Seung Gi at the press conference of 'Little Forest' drama in 2019. (Pic Credits: News1)

Actor Lee Seung Gi has been charming people since his debut and also recently making quite a few headlines. He wears many hats such as of an actor, a singer, host and an entertainer. His widely recognised dramas are My Girlfriend is Gumiho, The Korean Odyssey, Vagabond and the most recent, Mouse. He has shown both his acting and singing prowess in a career spanning 17 years. 


He recently was in the news as he confirmed dating actress Lee Da In publicly. While some gave the couple blessings, it fell sideways for some of his fans.


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sandra from South Africa  to actor Lee Seung Gi. Read her letter below.


Dear Lee Seung Gi,


I am from South Africa and was introduced to K dramas and movies through COVID 19 lockdown. I watched My love from a Star (loved it), The Heirs (loved it), Healer (absolutely loved it, still watching it from time to time) and then Korean Odyssey. The first time I saw Lee Seung-gi I nearly fainted. He is the ultimate perfect, handsome, most gorgeous man in my eyes. I watched a little of Master of The House and that is it. Nothing more. 


I tried watching Vagabond but I can't. I just cannot concentrate and I am so overwhelmed by him that I struggle to breath. I love his voice and its very distinct, whatever he does, its with passion and love and he is enjoying life to the fullest. He is still young enough and I believe he will become more popular in the future. 


He is very down to earth and I just love his energy and his personality. I wish him all the best. 




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