Dear Oppa: A fan from UK thought BTS' V was the most beautiful boy she's ever seen when watching Boy In Luv MV

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Charlotte Walker from the UK dedicates her sweet letter to BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung. Read her letter below.
Dear Oppa: A fan from UK thought BTS' V was the most beautiful boy she's ever seen when watching Boy In Luv MV
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BTS member V, whose real name if Kim Taehyung, is often engulfed with a lot of love from ARMY and deservedly so. A prime example of what a fine gentleman the Sweet Night singer is could be seen last year at the height of the pandemic when TaeTae made it a point to often interact with ARMY on Weverse and give them some much-needed solace during such troubling times.

Today's sweet letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Charlotte Walker from the UK to V. Read her letter below:

Dear Kim Taehyung,

If there was even a chance you'd somehow see this, I would cry such happy tears.

Since 2014, I've been an army, my first video was Boy In Luv, the literal second you came on screen I remember thinking, gosh that's the most beautiful boy I've ever seen in my life, I was 16 at the time and I'm now 23 and my opinion hasn't changed. You're so handsome and talented. Even though you don't know, you've been there for me, maybe not in person, but mentally you have been.

Thank you for helping me, without even knowing it, I've had such a hard time with mental health, I would watch compilations of you just being you to make me smile. If there's a chance that I can speak about you, I take it cause I want to gush about how wonderful you (and of course the rest of the guys) are. There was a time you said you felt unloved, but when I felt unloved, lost, lonely etc. It would be you I would think off in the darkest time, so please know that when you feel unloved or lost that I, as well as many others, love you a great deal, you made me feel loved without knowing it, so I hope you know, I appreciate you a lot and I love you.

I feel like writing I love you simply isn't enough to show just how much I treasure you, I feel very lucky to have been an army since 2014. I feel very lucky that I know how wonderful you are. I really wish I could be noticed by you just once. I have self confidence issues, I've always been told that my looks aren't pretty or that I look like a boy, but you make me feel appreciated. 

One of my dreams ever since I was little was to be famous and now I want that to be true more than ever for even the slightest chance of meeting of you and taking a selfie. 

My other dream is to hopefully see a BTS concert or either hopefully get to meet your wonderful self in person. My favorite color is purple so hearing you say what the color means makes that color to me all the more special.

I love you a lot, Kim Taehyung
Charlotte Walker from the United Kingdom 

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Charlotte we are almost alike but d look thing i am more beautiful than u can ever imagine

Anonymous 2 months ago

Every army feels to do this. Some are lucky to write a letter to them and some are unlucky that they can't do this because if their family. I wish I could met bts in real life. It's hard for me I am an Indian

Anonymous 2 months ago

Anyway, V looks very beautiful, to be honest, a lot of people love it at once. She is a great singer. Everything is strong at BTS !! I am an army ♡♡

Anonymous 2 months ago

He is a guy..

Anonymous 2 months ago

And she opens her heart with mine too...thanks girl for letting it open to the society..

Anonymous 2 months ago

What have you said is true, he is a beautiful boy inside and out, talented and the light of everyone who went through hard time in life . Thank you for making music To you and the boys. Thank you for reaching out for the army

Anonymous 2 months ago

beautiful just beautiful. Girl everything you wrote down i feel like you also wrote on my behalf . i feel exactly the same way. i hope and wish that what you wrote in that letter will come true. Good luck and lots of love. love BTS . I HOPE THEY KNOW HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO US AND HOW WE PURPLE (LOVE) THEM.

Anonymous 2 months ago

They know how much we love them thats the reason they never forget us. Us mean army in every tweet,post, vlive episodes