Dear Oppa: An Indian Ahgase confesses she found so much happiness through GOT7 and their amazing fandom

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, Nerita from India dedicates her sweet letter to GOT7 in which she reveals how amazed she is by the beloved boy group's positive energy.
Dear Oppa: An Indian Ahgase confesses she found so much happiness through GOT7 and their amazing fandom
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GOT7 had Ahgase in a state of complete unrest with their Encore MV teaser which also included launching a brand new YouTube channel. Amid focusing on their solo endeavours post their contracts with JYP Entertainment expiring on January 19, the black and white 25-second snippet sees the members sharing candid moments leading to IGOT7 being overwhelmed with one too many feels. Today, i.e. February 20 is when Encore MV will be unveiled to the world.

Hence, today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Nerita from India to GOT7. Read her letter below:

Hi from India. With the little hope I have that you will see this, I just want to say thank you so much for everything. When I discovered you guys, I actually found an interview of yours and I watched it and I was so amazed by the positive energy that each of you were giving out, laughing and just enjoying what you were doing. I checked out your music, and it just got to me. There is something about all of you that puts a smile on face just by hearing your music. Ever since I became an IGOT7, I have found so much happiness not only through you guys but also through our amazing fandom, I wish you all nothing but the best in the future. I hope you visit India very soon and hope to meet you, Indian AHGASE will always keep cheering for you! You are Ahgase's Last Piece. Fighting! Let's keep spinning AHGASE!

Love fellow AHGASE
~Nerita 사랑해

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