Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY believes each member of BTS helps her less lonely in their own way

Published on Aug 06, 2021 10:35 AM IST  |  109.8K
BTS at GRAMMYS; Picture Credits: News1

BTS has a huge impact on an ARMY’s life and it may seem like a ridiculous statement but it is known that music can make or break a person, that is how much influence it has. BTS’ entire discography has been a series of healing songs and encouraging words. Every single ARMY joined the fandom because BTS became their safe place, their refuge, even for the ARMY that wrote today’s letter. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Ritika from India to BTS. Read her letter below.

Hi BTS ,I am Ritika. I am writing this letter to express my feelings towards you because I can't meet you personally. And I know you will not read this letter because you have a lot of work and you are busy but I am still writing this letter. I don't know you who you are but in 2020 December ofcourse on my birthday I was just seeing YouTube videos of my favorite YouTuber then I see his truth and dare video in which someone asked him who is your favorite bts or one more band I can't remember the name then he say bts I personally love their song Dynamite.So I was like ok . Then after I was just scrolling YouTube then YouTube recommended my song Dynamite then I don't see that then YouTube every day recommending your song then I think I should listen this one time. And when I clicked and listened to the first line cause ah ah ah ama start tonight my heart meltedFrom that point I am your fan. Then I see a lot of your videos of songs and concerts etc and I am falling in love day by day . You all make my childhood happy with your song because I have no friends and my father is at work. My mother has a lot of stress and she has a lot of diseases. so she does not talk with me. I am just alone, just a thing which makes me busy for a little while is your song . When I was making tea and my hand burned my hand got completely red because hot tea fell on my hand then no one was there to see my hand then I think jungkook came and blew air on my hand and now my hand is ok. When I am alone I think RM is talking to me when I am drawing I think jungkook is my art teacher when I am cooking food then I think you all are with me to cook the food.I don't know why but you guys are always in my dream even I am sleeping or not but I feel your existence. I feel you are with me but where ? Then I realized you all are in my heart. I can't afford to buy bts light stick or any other material but I still love you a lot . Even if I can't come to Korea but sending my love through this letter.I know this letter is too big and you also don't read it but I have a lot of things to tell you but I stop at this point because you are so busy I don't wanna waste your precious time.I hope that you read my letter so that I will have reassurance

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