Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY confesses that BTS' J-Hope is the sunshine of her life

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BTS' J-Hope poses at an event
BTS' J-Hope poses at an event (Pic credit - Getty Images)

ARMYs worldwide will agree that BTS' dance king J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok is a burst of literal sunshine in our lives! Known for his killer smile, flawless rapping skills and terrific dance moves - J-Hope brings hope and happiness in abundance and we are so eternally grateful to him. Not just that, J-Hope is a warm and kind-hearted older brother (hyung) to the younger members (maknae line) and a sweet and supportive younger brother to BTS' older members (Jin and Suga), not to forget a great friend to his fellow 94 liner - RM! 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sahithi from India for BTS’ J-Hope. Read her letter below.

Dear Hobi Oppa, 

Hope you are safe and healthy. Through this letter, I want to express how I feel about you. I got to know you in this pandemic era. When I heard about the group called Bangtan Sonyeondan, I don't know anything about it but when I started researching about BTS and started listening to music, I learnt so many things which are very important and inspiring in human life. While researching about BTS I somehow connected to Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) who is the main dancer of the group. When I heard about the name J-Hope, I wondered how a person's name is hope! I watched some of your videos and trying to know the reason behind the name J-Hope. Then I realized it means a person who cherishes a desire with anticipation. And you are the one who deserves and every worth of it. 

As a student I had gone through so much stress with academics, feeling lonely and depressed. But after listening to your songs it gives me confidence, strength and also all my loneliness has disappeared. Your songs - 'Ego', 'Blue Side', 'Chicken Noodle Soup' are such masterpieces and I respect them a lot. I'm a very big fan of your dance moves which makes me cool and you had the art of expressing emotions with your flexibility and graceful moments. When I hear your voice or your name I'll feel warm and refreshed. 

So many people fell for your smile. I'm also the one who fell for your smile. Your existence is God's gift for me because you inspired me, motivated me and taught me how to love myself. The people around you will be very happy for you because you really care for them and shows your unconditional love. I don't know why I'll easily connect to you also sometimes I see myself in you. 

I may not able to visit your fan meetings or concerts. I may not able to purchase your albums or merchandise. You may not know me but I'll always support you because I know your past and I know how much you have gone through it but also you did not stop anywhere and now your hard work shows who you are. Where ever you are whatever you do I'll always support you. As Jimin said when you fall into J-Hope's charms you can't come out of it and that's really happened to me. 

 Hobi Oppa your smile is as beautiful as a sunflower and also as bright as sunshine. I wish all the seven members have a happy cheerful, healthy life. And thank you for everything you had given. 

With love, 



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