Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY expresses her love for BTS & thanks them for making her realise her true potential

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Neelam Pawar from India dedicates her sweet letter to BTS. Read her letter below.
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Internationally, BTS are known as the global superstars who are sweeping charts and melting people’s hearts. But ask their fandom ARMY, and they’re the seven guys who inspire them, motivate them, and help them love themselves. BTS has been vocal about mental health issues, vulnerability, love, conflicts, struggles and they’ve always underlined it by saying that they will always walk beside their fans.  


Knowingly and unknowingly, the septet inspires millions of people across their globe. And those fans, show their support to the group by making them break world records!


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Neelam Pawar from India to BTS. Read her letter below.


Dear BTS oppas,


I'm Neelam who is an ordinary ARMY girl of 17 years from India. I used to just live my life with all worries and problems like all do. I never knew how I could enjoy my life to the fullest.


But when I was introduced to you, my life took an incredible turn and that was the peak and the best point of my life. It's not even a year that i have been a part of ARMY, but already you have made my life much happier. I never felt so much proud and happy about being myself. You all taught me the greatest lessons of life. You all gave me inspiration to do something that would not only benefit me but would also make me happy. You all are the reason because of whom I am able to understand my potential.


You all are great humans who brightens and enlightens my mood. Your smile has become the reason of my happiness. You light up my world, you inspire me, you taught me to love myself, that is why I love you as a fan and as a girl who was pulled out of darkness when you entered her life. With your amazing and incredible songs and the lyrics, you helped and motivated me to do something. Watching you everyday gives me energy and hope that I can also be successful in my life!!


I am so so excited for your next single butter!!

You deserve a lot more than this!!

Bangtan sonyeondan fighting!!!


Thank you for existing and giving us so much love and your blood sweat and tears!! I will always be grateful to you all and hope to see you in future!!!

Sarangheyo BTS!!!


With lots of love,

Neelam pawar.


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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Aww.. this is soo cute bta are just amazing

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I wish bts come to India very fast and covid finishes fast Saraghe bangtan boys

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Right m waiting for BTS members

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

This is so cute...Lol I wrote a letter to hyunjin from stray kids but they haven't checked my email I guess.