Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY feels indebted to BTS for helping get through tough times

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, a fan from India dedicates her sweet letter to BTS. Read her letter below.

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BTS at Butter promotions
BTS at Butter promotions; Picture Courtesy- News1

BTS is definitely known as a source of support for ARMYs as their music, pictures, words, etc give ARMYs the strength to move on from their strifes and issues. They believe in being their true selves, which allows them to encourage their fans to be real with themselves. Certain songs like Magic Shop, Spring Day, Euphoria, Blue and Grey, Sea, etc. carry special meaning for ARMYs as the songs encourage them to be in their sadness as long as it helps them move on from it and that is what makes BTS unique. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Mohini from India to BTS. Read her letter below.

With love and respect, I've gathered my courage so as to express my emotions I have for you guys .

Like every other ARMY I am also the kind of ARMY who is spending almost every second of her life thinking about you people...

Hehe,this doesn't mean i don't have any work...,I do have my work, I am 18 years old another Normal girl busy under the Medical Anatomy and Physiology Books, Far away from my home, Away from the family, Practicing my Healthcare Training ,whose satisfaction lies only im talking to her patients during every day's clinical rotation and everyday just waking up with the plan of healing them,just like the way you are doing through your songs, through your works , through your words and deeds....This is how you have become the reason for survival to some unknown girl whom you don't know if exist or not.....

Its been 5yrs for me to be an ARMY ....I got to know about BTS in 9th grade (2016-17)when i was busy watching Kdramas as the most amazing way to lighten up my mood..I was singing Chen's(Exo) Song When one of my friend noticed me... Hearing my wierd and stupid voice he interrupted me asking if i follow any Kpop band...This was something very new,,.. Being egoistic i didn't say YES just moulded my words saying "i do hear Korean Songs But not the Kpop Songs.".On hearing this He advised me to have a look over BTS..This guy RECOMMENDED me BTS .. Basically I’m the kind of girl who would never use RECOMMENDED things but to my surprise i searched BTS and this business continued for the next three hours at a stretch until i became an ARMY on the very first day of knowing BTS....and today is the day where i call myself as a PROUD has been said..."Never hate someone's idol he could be the reason for someone's existence" ..... This suits best on you and Us...Yes There are millions of ARMYs who's life is dependent on you....Most Probably u might not read this because i am writing at such a stupid hour of time and that too without any pre-plans and all...., But to be frank it doesn't really matter,what matters is basically the feelings which we've for you , which I've for u ....The Feelings you all express in the form of Songs...But this ARMY is a bit talentless,hence the only way to express my feelings is through this letter,i hope i would say everything without getting messed up with my words as m a Confused soul,..

There was a time where i was really going through hard times where i felt as if my life has betrayed me,where i felt stabbed ...To be open i felt as if I've been treated by my own hard work(Yes that's really silly .. but that's the truth.. moreover there were certain other reasons where i could see myself as no one but just the reason of all the misfortune in my loved one's life..Okay another frankness..My Mom's life 

..I used to have sleepless nights.. Crying over myself, cursing over my life,I used to sleep silently but my soaked pillow and swollen eyes were my biggest enemy to Disclose my biggest secret which i used to share with none other than MYSELF when the world was into his slumber i used to cry,and that was the time where i found angels in you guys,

just some motivating words of u guys were enough to infuse life inside my dying soul...

Jin,this can be the stage name for kim seok jin...But for me jin proved to be his name...He proved to be the jinnie of my life who just fulfilled my wish..

I used to talk to myself at times... During such a time I talked to myself, addressing Jin saying when my wish would be fulfilled,I was really going through hard times , Circumstances were not favourable ,The shoulder to which I could lean and cry was itself suffering through pain...

I never liked to reveal my situation to anyone , just a crying mess..

.world waits for the night to come so that it could rest and enjoy the night , relieving all its stress but night for me was a sacred pilgrimage time where i could relieve my stress in form of tears...And again i had to get up with an aching heart just to spend another day , waiting for some miracle to happen.....

I said to myself during night wiping my tears and sobbing as quietly as possible ....BTS has got a Jin for them

..."when will i get my jin who could at least improve my condition,"

"m not asking anyone to help me through my difficulties but atleast teach me how to get through them.."

".. At Least there should be a Hope...Why being always meek,modest and honest gives you suffering????,why always being Hopeful ends up being Nowhere????'

Why life is always cruel to them who've been getting suffering all the way???why life is so harsh with me

What sins have I committed in my past or present life that I've to suffer....... and with millions of thoughts like this and addressing each and every question to each Bts member i I indeliberately drifted to Sleep, remembering u guys...U guys' struggle...ur pains.....

Next day all of a sudden ,out of nowhere I got a call which just took over all my sorrows and gave me a Hope....Soon the new journey of my life began.... Embracing the thoughts and motivations of yours 

I started a new life full of Hopes and Positivity, 

Problems are still there but now I've got seven shoulders to lean on,

I've got seven reasons to smile

I've got seven reasons to love,live and laugh

I've got seven reasons to achieve

I might fall,but the wings you have given would always hold me back heading to the sky ....

One has to agree ........These things looks so good when we imagine ourselves as ARMYs the one who've been loved by Bangtan,

The ARMY whom seokjin loves so much 

The ARMYs who are Hoseok's Hope 

The ARMYs who can call Taehyung as their Boyfriend if they are single on Valentine

The ARMY who's maturing day by day by the wise words of Namjoon and Yoongi,

The ARMYs whose name has been written over Jeon Jungkook's hand for the rest of his life....

But......One cannot deny the fact that There will be a time when ARMY would miss Bangtan's presence

Where u all my 7 angels will have your own family,

Time where we won't have any song to stream, where we won't have any Fanchant to shout out in the public not caring about Non Kpop Fans....

Time when we won't wait for the new album...

Time where you guys will have your cute little kids ,with the same features as you ....

Time where you will be busy with your family

At that time , I will be the one rejoicing these memories about my teenage years and would try to give the same love to our family,our kids,our love,....

I.would feel happy remembering how there were seven Boys who showed their love to me ,even without knowing if I exist or not....I would feel happy how you guys always showed the path and were there with me in the darkest of my time....

A promise that I've made to myself never ever to Forget you ...Never ever to stop loving you.....

And I'm 99 percent sure you'll not get this letter but my Mom always asks me to have faith ... There's always someone who's looking after you...For that 1%.i am writing this to you...

The seven angels. The Bangtan Sonyeondan who became BULLETPROOF to my BLUE N GREY sides , who became the FILTER for my sorrows who's presence gives me EPIPHANY about fortune , Where my SPRING DAY lies in them, who made me a 21st CENTURY GIRL to fight with the FAKE LOVE of this world,and always asked me to STAY GOLD ,the Seven BOYS WITH LUV who were enough to make my heart beat LOUDER THAN BOMBS , who's smiles were enough to send BUTTERFLY in the stomach...who provided with a MAGIC SHOP where there's only RAINISM of Love ,i acted DOPE ,i acted smart without caring for this world...You provided me with the HOUSE OF CARDS where i learnt to love myself, where i became a WINTER BEAR and the DYANAMITE of my happiness exploded melting me with ur like just like a BUTTER where you became the one who could SAVE ME...You became the my SERENDIPITY

My EUPHORIA...and always assuring me i'm the hard times saying


Yours truly, 


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