Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY fell in love with BTS’ J Hope’s voice in the emotive track ‘Make It Right’

Published on Jan 04, 2022 02:16 PM IST  |  326.9K
J-Hope; Picture Courtesy: News1

 J-Hope, is a rapper, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. In 2013, J-Hope made his debut as a member of boy band BTS, managed under Big Hit Music. J-Hope released his first solo mixtape, Hope World, worldwide on March 1, 2018. The album was met with a positive reception. His debut at number 63 made him the highest-charting solo Korean artist on the Billboard 200 at the time of the mixtape's release.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Satwika from India to BTS’ J-Hope. Read her letter below.


Dear J-Hope,

I wish you a very Happy New Year . I hope you are doing well . I know you don't read this letter but just want to express my feelings. I don't know where to start . Ok let me from the first time I know you. 1st time I heard your voice in MAKE IT RIGHT.Then I fell in love with your voice a lot and lot that made me hear your lyrics hundreds of times. But the funny thing is that I don't know it was you. First time I saw you was in an interview , your dialogue I AM YOUR HOPE , YOU ARE MY HOPE AND THIS IS J-HOPE . HOPE RIGHT HERE , with full of excitement made me a huge admirer of you. You always look happy , smiling , with full of energy and you are like an idol full of positiveness . I am totally opposite to you and this made me get more and more attracted towards you. I don't laugh much , don't talk much , always silent , always reserved and think a lot to do anything because I was always in afraid that what my parents and others think about me if I do this.Always studying, getting top in my class and getting appreciation from my parents by reaching their expectations was all I thought is a life .

But your entry into my life made me know how narrow are my thoughts and introduced me to a true life . By seeing all your videos I learnt how to be free and open with everyone , how to laugh wholeheartedly , freely express my enjoyment and excitement. I came to know more and more about myself.I came to know about my hobies and how to be positive in my thoughts. And lastly I learnt wholely how to live for myself and love myself . And known that striving for your goal and  making others happy is the real achievement. You are my first dance teacher.I learnt dance by watching your videos from 3 years . At start I was so shy to dance but you gave me confidence to learn and dance infront my friends. Thanks a lot oppa for coming into my life. Just your smile fills me with energy and hope. I hope I can meet you someday or attend one of your concert.

I wish for your life long happiness, good health and success.

Yours lovingly ,

Your admirer

Your obedient dance student 


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