Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY is grateful for BTS’ comforting presence during the pandemic

Published on Sep 24, 2021 02:29 PM IST  |  75.8K
BTS concept photo; Picture Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC

Every ARMY has an interesting story of how they discovered BTS. Most global ARMYs always find them by accident and get hooked on to their music, looks, personalities, etc forever. The relationship that BTS shares with their fans is extremely beautiful as they support each other through wins, vlogs, little trinkets, mentions in award speeches etc which further solidifies their bond.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Bhavitra from India to BTS. Read her letter below.

I am Bhavi from India. I watched you during this pandemic. I first streamed your song -I'm Fine- when i was having so much difficult time during this pandemic. As soon as I started  listening to your music I never felt alone. I stayed alone in the pandemic with no support from anything but your music healed me. After that I never felt alone. I am so happy about that...] Oppa's.I regret I didn't meet you before 2020 but u came into my life when things went too tough.Now you are really a biggest part of my life. Oppa even though I am late to your fandom but I am happier than ever and I have such moral support from you. Pandemic wrapped me like anything and things got messed up so much that I had no solutions. After u it's stable. I am able to forget and move on from my stressed life and have smooth days. Life Goes On...Oppa fighting

Oppa You are best. I am happy that you will visit India as soon as the pandemic gets over. I will not be able to attend your concerts but from far I am supporting you.

This time the Grammy Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award is ours. Fighting


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