Dear Oppa: Indian ARMY member recalls how BTS got her through exams; Thanks them for inspiring her

Updated on Aug 02, 2021 03:24 PM IST  |  97.9K
Dear Oppa: Indian ARMY member recalls how BTS got her through exams; Thanks them for inspiring her

Over the past few weeks, some endearing letters have made their way to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to pop band NCT, EXO and TXT, our inbox has been full of love. Now we’ve also received a letter for the multi-talented South Korean band BTS. A fan from India named Sneha S Sudhakaran has reached out to the band via our Dear Oppa segment.


Read her letter below:

To our dearest boys BTS

Hi am sneha from kerala,india.i am sure that you are not gonna read this letter,but still I am writing this because so many army's are out there,atleast I can share how you guys became an influential part in my life to the family called army which having no boundaries and barriers that you gifted us.

There exist a common phrase among army's that BTS enters into your life at the right time you need them and that's one hundred percent true atleast in the case of many army's out there in the world including me.

Eventhough you started your journey with Army's from 2013, I came to know about you when dynamite was released as it was trending here in I googled about you and then I ignored it.because I was very busy with my entrance exam at that time and I was under stress,tension, anxiety,my future was even a question mark for me at that time.but even after exam though I was sure that I would be able to get into a good college and course,I didn't felt satisfied.i felt kinda emptyness deep in my heart.i couldn't figure out why is it so.back then I thought it may due to exam pressure.but that empty feeling continued to haunt was at that time I came across your songs and performances.when I see your performing on stage,I recollected my days of me being artistic.because I was into arts from the age of three itself.but by years I sacrificed all those for just the sake of academics brilliance.because we are told to be the topper,told to grab high percentage in exams and so I have to completely focus on studies,so that I was even forgot to explore my self.but from the day I followed you,when started to dance to your songs,when tried to sing ,when again get into drawing and when indulged into many artistic expression I realised how much I missed all these.after trying all these I felt kinda happyness which I don't know how to describe.and I was able to figure out the one thing which makes me complete and that is are the one who helped me to understand the factor which makes me and which makes me i following not only my profession but also my passion.

I do follow a lot of artists.but there are only two who really inspired or influnced me.the first one is Samantha akkineni and the second one it's you BTS.

I really want to share this story of mine in person with you but I know that I won't be able to meet you in my life,even if I get into your concert I won't be able to share this story,but it's okay I hope a day may come so that I can share my journey as an army with you as RM mentioned in 2021 FESTA.

there is a lot more to say,but I finish it BTS sarangae,borahae....

       With lots of love and respect....


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