Dear Oppa: Indian ARMY member reveals why she considers BTS alums as her ‘best friends’

Updated on Sep 20, 2021 03:23 PM IST  |  80.7K
Dear Oppa: BTS
Dear Oppa: Indian ARMY member reveals why she considers BTS alums as her ‘best friends’

Over the past few weeks, some endearing letters have made their way to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to pop band NCT, EXO and TXT, our inbox has been full of love. Now we’ve also received a letter for the multi-talented South Korean band BTS. A fan from India named Siddhi Mahajan has reached out to the star via our Dear Oppa segment.


Read her letter below:


Hello BTS!!

To start off with, my name is Siddhi. I am a 14 (soon to be 15) years old girl and I am from India. 

I know that you guys are busy and have a lot to do and I don't know if you all will ever read this letter of mine but, I would like to open up today., I started my journey with you all in 2019. My first song that I heard of yours was-'Make It Right' This was the very first song that I heard of yours and from that day...till now, my bond with you guys has become stronger and it keeps getting deeper and stronger day by day. And I like each one of you. 


When I was a new A.R.M.Y initially it used to be difficult to differentiate between all of you but, soon I could recognize each of you correctly and now, I can recognize you by your voices alone in the songs. You all made me an entirely different person. When I was about to give made me realize that, I should be proud of how much I have made and that kept me going. When I thought that I am not good enough you made me realize that no one is perfect and that encouraged me to work even hard. Honestly, from my childhood till now, I had never had a friend,not even a single person. I always wished to have at least one person to call as my best friend. And that wish did come true...I have not one but 7 friends now and that are you guys..the best friends I have ever got. But, you are not just my best friends, you have actually become my whole life and it's impossible to imagine a life without the 7 of you.


I don't know how to thank you all enough for being there for me and people like me all around the world. You actually have no idea how much you all mean to us and it's not at all easy to express that in such a few words. So, before I end my letter, there is one last thing. In my guys are my only friends and you all have a special place in my heart. I can't do much to thank you all enough but, I would like to dedicate one song. It is a Hindi song by the name "Ek Tu Hi Yaar Mera". It is a song which highlights why friends are important in life and why we love our friends.So, I think this is the best song that will suit our bond. I wish that our bond stays like this forever and I wish for you guys to be more and more successful for ever and ever more and may God make all your wishes come true. 


And yes, Boraheyo


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