Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY member thanks BTS & Jungkook for teaching her to love her flaws

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, Priya Jain from India writes a sweet and heartwarming note to the South Korean band BTS and Jungkook. Scroll down to read the heartfelt note.
Dear Oppa: An ARMY member thanks BTS & Jungkook Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY member thanks BTS & Jungkook for teaching her to love her flaws
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Over the past few weeks, some endearing letters have made their way to our inbox. From letters for Start-Up star Kim Seon Ho to letters to Lee Min Ho and EXO, our inbox has been full of love. Now we’ve also received a letter for the multi-talented South Korean group BTS’s member Jungkook. A fan from India named Priya Jain has reached out to the all-boy band via our Dear Oppa segment.


Read her letter below:


Dear BTS and Jungkook Oppa


I am Priya from India. I am Writing this letter to you to Express my gratitude how BTS and Their Songs Changed my Life I am Nerd and Introvert Person other than studies nothing interest me because I lack self confidence and I don't love myself. I don't have so many friends and I am not attractive as others (I think). My Brother always fights with me. He doesn't care about me. He is selfish for everything. Keeping myself inside books is the only thing help me keeping such things out of my mind. But sometimes I broke down. All these pain disappeared the Day BTS CAME TO MY LIFE. During lockdown I discovered BTS.


Dynamite gave me hope during August cause my Mental and physical Health was devastated when I accidentally found bts in August. All the Run episodes i watched And BTS SONGS I heard really gave me hope and I started to LOVE MYSELF. Love yourself is the Beautiful Album that helped me Gain confidence in myself and love my flaws. I am changed from my old self all because of Bts.


Dear Jungkook oppa, Euphoria is my Comfort song "I hear the ocean from far away, Across the dream, past the woods, I'm following this clarity, Take my hands now, You are the cause of my euphoria." Your voice is heaven for me. Thankyou for existing


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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 1 month ago

love this. thank you!