Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY praises BTS’ V’s homely personality, voice and much more

Published on Aug 03, 2021 10:40 AM IST  |  255K
BTS V at Butter promotions; Picture Courtesy- News1

BTS’ V is a man of many traits and gifts. He is glaringly handsome but is also known for his baritone voice, amazing acting skills and overall polite etiquettes. He is sensitive and in touch with his emotions, which is loved by a lot of his fans. All his solo songs have so many emotions packed in it and his voice delivers those connoted feelings in a detailed manner.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Shrishti Ojha from India to BTS’ V. Read her letter below. 

Dear kim taehyung oppa

Hope you are well. I have literally so much to say. I really love you not because of your singing or looks but also for your nature, your nature is something that has made you my favorite. I really love people who love kids so much and you are one of the same kind. This has made me love you more . The way you love your parents, your grandparents and your family, taking care of them, this attracts me more towards you. You are so hard working and the people who listen to your work will always get the fruit of it as you get,  I really like hard working people. Hope you grow more and you shine more.  You have got a deep wonderful voice that every time I sink in it. I never get bored listening to your melodious voice. Your voice really makes me feel good. A couple of years ago I didn't know who Kim Taehyung was or even what BTS was. One day I was just casually scrolling through Instagram and I suddenly got your picture, maybe from your fanpage and I was just staring at your picture and thinking who is he? Then I got your name from the account and started searching about you and slowly slowly I became your huge fan and an ARMY girl too. You are my idol, you are the reason why I became a self independent girl, as I got to know that you started your career in the age of 15-16, so I got a big inspiration from you and from all the BTS members. Sometime I really get tears in my eyes thinking about you that I am not that lucky that in can meet you in person but in my life at least one time I will come to Korea and will attend your concert for sure and hope I meet you in person you all are just a title above king no matter how much people heat you the thing that matters is how much people love's you all, you all have your army fans in billion of numbers so keep rocking coz heaters will heat coz they are jealous of you after all the things I have tell to my baise Kim Taehyung oppa I am your biggest fan... Hope you read it and reply (finger crossed) a letter by 15 year old army girl...I purple you 


Yours lovingly 

Shrishti Ojha 


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