Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY talks about BTS’ J Hope, calling his Blue Side a perfect example of beautiful vocals

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Ruchika from India dedicates her sweet letter to BTS’ J-Hope. Read her letter below.
BTS' J-Hope at an album promotion event Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY talks about BTS’ J Hope, calling his Blue Side a perfect example of beautiful vocals
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BTS’ dance leader J-Hope has a duality that is difficult to not swoon over. He has made his mark on the world with not being just a BTS member, but also as a solo artist. His recent solo track ‘Blue Side’ was loved by many fans across the world and made them feel calm amidst the storm everyone is facing right now. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Ruchika from India to BTS’ J-Hope. Read her letter below.


To Hoseok oppa,


Hello Hobi oppa it's your HOPE your ARMY. Through this letter I want to express how I feel about our SUNSHINE. I wish that I could send you letters but I can't since we are separated by COUNTRIES it is just impossible for me, using this opportunity by Pinkvilla I am hoping that this letter will reach to you. BTS always inspired me and you guys always motivated me and many of us but in this letter I am talking about our HOPE our SUNSHINE. Your name J HOPE is truly worth it. You always gives us HOPE and your members define you as a glue that stick them together where I see no lie. I have seen you taking care of the members. I have seen you giving everything you have to them. For this cruel world you are very pure .you always gives us hope but I know sometimes for you too it becomes almost impossible to be that HOPE and to stay hopeful. I want to say that ARMY loves you and will always support you in your every decision and will be always there for you. Your song Dionysus is such a masterpiece, I can't define in words how much I praise it .It always hypes me even without drinking (laughing). And you have given us so many masterpiece including your recent Blue side which is a perfect example of your pure and beautiful vocals. 

Dear oppa ,you always inspired me in everything. I want to admit that whenever I see you (ofcourse in my phone because can't afford coming to South Korea but I am hardworking and will soon be there) a smile always come on my face and I feel like you are so bright and beautiful and shinning like a sun and you always gives us happiness. (That's why Yoongi needs you to get energy). I hope you keep continuing with your beautiful work (PS: we have a lot of hope from you)


Saranghae oppa 

With lots of love 


From India


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