Dear Oppa: An Indian ARMY thanks BTS for always making him laugh and keeping him company

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BTS V at Dynamite promotions; Picture Courtesy- News1

When asked, many ARMYs have multiple reasons for being a fan of BTS but one reason that stands out is that BTS makes them feel at home and gives them the strength to face their fears. There are so many ARMYs who battle with mental health issues that gain their inner peace from the work of BTS, which is a commendable feat. BTS has a special place in the heart of all ARMYs and for good reason. This just further shows how BTS influences the world, one individual at a time. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Muskan from India to BTS. Read her letter below.

It hasn't been too long i have came to know you all at i didn't see your face i was scrolling insta reels and suddenly your song played it was so beautiful at that song was life goes on your voice gave me comfort and peace that's how i came to know you i didn't even thought i would be this obsessed you all are too funny and kind at the same time you make me laugh so hard in early morning my mom says i'm going to be crazy but my mom also love you guys more V hyung you make me laugh when i was about to cry. I don't have friends but i didn't feel lonely because i got seven friends and hyungs i'm so glad i found you guys and now i don't need anyone i love you guys more than my family and more than myself because my family sees my smile but not my tears but your voice gives me so comfort when i don't have hope you gave me hope so i love you unconditionally but there are many peoples who loves you more than me but i hope you can know that your music saved so many lives, gave happiness, healed broken heart, inspired people made them believe in themselves and encouraged people to follow their dreams. I love the way you love to make fun of each other, can fight with each other for food but love each other more unconditionally. I love the way you all are so down to earth after being at the top and I have never met people who are so handsome,cute and have a heart full of kindness like you guys. The way you all love your fans,the way you all care for them, they way you encourage ARMYs with your music and they way you all support each other, care for each other and the way you work so hard and try to do your best just for ARMYs is truly unbelievable i have never seen something like this i also want to be like you guys i hope you guys can know how much you inspire me but i want to tell you that please don't stress yourself too much think about your health too you know that ARMYs can't see you guys in pain so please use me use ARMY to love yourself .You all don't try to be perfect in camera but you show your true self and that's what make you perfect even your every flaws makes you perfect as ARMY says 7 crackheads and millions of clown are ruling the world and that's so true.I admire you guys so much you guys thought me so many things and finally you guys gave a platform to me that is the international platform my dream is to become singer, dancer like you guys and inspire people i'm soooo happy to have you guys in my life thank you so much for everything and i wish i can go to your concert, i wish i can be part of purple ocean and fansign and i hope we can meet someday but i don't have that much luck, i can't even imagine you all to reply my message but atleast i hope you are reading this and i hope reading this made you smile.I want to put smile in everyone's face around the world by my music and in india my name also means smile so smile please. I don't know that much english so sorry for the mistake. I have so much to say but i'm running out of time so for now i will write this much.

I hope you can get everything you want and get all the happiness you deserve.


Sending love from India.

Your admirer and


Muskan Chhetri

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