Dear Oppa: An Indian BTS ARMY delivers a heartfelt note of gratitude emphasising each member's best qualities

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BTS members at the 2021 AMAs
BTS members at the 2021 AMAs (Pic credit - Getty Images)

'We are, we are together, bulletproof', these simple and meaningful lyrics from BTS' 'We Are Bulletproof: Eternal' encompasses the mutual love and affection BTS members and their beloved fandom ARMY share amongst themselves! Each BTS member has a standout distinguished trait that makes them unique and special amongst ARMYs and we are truly grateful for every member's presence in the group. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Triasa Patra from India for BTS. Read her letter below.

To All The Precious Members Of The Biggest Boy Band In The World BTS,

This is just an appreciation mail from a fan of yours, expressing the heartfelt wishes of your Indian ARMY. 

Thank you so much for giving us your awesome music and soothing our hearts with it. Thank you for being kind, generous, humble and everything that you are. Thank you for working so so hard onstage and in rehearsal, practising for days to deliver the best to us even ignoring your health for that matter(which is very bad cause we ARMY value you and your health too). 

You may not know but your music, your moments have changed the lives of so many people in so many different ways. You all have given us happiness when we needed it the most. You have inspired so many of us to achieve our dreams and passion, work hard for them and be patient. 

RM, you are GORGEOUS as a PERSON and as a RAPPER, the BEST LEADER the team could have. Jin, you are our WWH and have such an AMAZING VOICE  to fall for. You are a very beautiful person. 

Suga, you may be serious and may not show your emotions but you are very SOFT AT HEART. Your SMILE IS PRECIOUS and please do smile/laugh more. We have no words for your RAPPING abilities, it's just PERFECT. J-Hope, you are our SUNSHINE, our bundle of happiness. You have a beautiful MELODIOUS voice, you RAP LIKE A STAR.

Jimin, our BABY MOCHI having a VOICE of an ANGEL. Being perfect, being cute, being funny is your forte. V, the most handsome man, you have a VOICE as DEEP as OCEAN which makes everyone feel so many kinds of emotions. Keep on being the person you are. We love your duality of voice and expressions. Jungkook, our GOLDEN MAKNAE, who truly embraced the name and made it shine. You have such a SOOTHING AND BEAUTIFUL voice that can't be explained in words. I personally think you are the KING OF DUALITY  in appearance. 

 I know this mail is very long but our emotions for you cannot be expressed in limited words. 

Lastly stay happy, safe, take care of your health, keep smiling. Remember you are very PRECIOUS to us.  I wish I could someday meet you in person to actually deliver this speech. 

- From 

A fan from India

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