Dear Oppa: An Indian DANITY expresses how Kang Daniel’s music heals her & how immensely proud she is of him

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Dear Oppa: An Indian DANITY expresses how Kang Daniel’s music heals her & how immensely proud she is of him

The talented soloist Kang Daniel definitely does make the world of DANITYs (his fandom name) more colorful. With his latest album ‘Yellow’, which is a continuation of his previous albums ‘Cyan’ and ‘Magenta’, he is crafting a story and a unique album collection which is in tandem with the colour series, CMYK. ‘Antidote’ is the title track of the album and has already taken 5 wins on music shows!


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sumayya from India to the talented soloist, Kang Daniel. Read her letter below.


Hello Oppa!!!

How are you? I hope you are doing well and I am doing good as well.I am Sumayya from India.I know that this letter may not be able to reach to you but I hope you can get to know  the feelings of not only me but also other Danitys all over the world.I will be very pleased if this letter reaches you and you would heartfully reply it.


Oppa I am really proud of you and your music,recently speaking about the Yellow album it is a bop!!! I think that this album is very close to everyone's heart as this album shows your story. Every song in the album has it's own magic and resemble itself. Every song has it's own story. Overall I am very happy with the album.


I am really proud to say that I like an artist who doesn't want to hide his dark side to everyone. Instead in his miserable time he was strong for his fans and made a record-breaking comeback.


I have known you from the show Produce 101. You have risen so high but have faced a lot of troubles. Everytime I look back into those times it makes my heart break to see you crying, depressed and having a hard time. I always think if I was there near you I would have comforted you that it's going to be alright. But I can't since I am far away from you.


Even though we are miles away from you but we feel the pain that you feel. Even today reminding all of those time makes me feel like you don't deserve all the hate you have received. You have stayed brave and are going to be happy always.


Oppa your music had made me heal in the worst moments of my life.I had been battling with depression and anxiety but whenever I hear your songs they all fade away. It is so peaceful to hear your voice.Your music gives life to many people.You are an artist who makes his fans happy and contented just with his puppy visuals and cute smile.


I hope you always maintain your smile and keep making music for everyone of us. Hope you would receive this letter


With lots of love,

Yours Loving,

Sumayya .


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